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Elections NB to use online courses to improve training of election workers (10/07/14)

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July 14, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - A virtual classroom is one of the new tools that Elections NB will use to train people to work this fall during the provincial election.

Elections NB has worked with Bluedrop Performance Learning, a developer of web-based and blended learning solutions, to create the interactive online training modules to be used for training election workers.

"Having well-trained people working at our polling stations enables us to deliver a smooth and efficient voting experience to the electors," said Michael Quinn, chief electoral officer for New Brunswick. "We are excited to introduce this new approach to training, which reinforces the classroom-based training that the workers will continue to receive."

Elections NB and Bluedrop Performance Learning developed seven online courses that provide step-by-step explanations of the tasks that must be performed for each of the positions that Elections NB will fill, such as special voting officers and constables. Election workers will be able to obtain access to the course from any computer and take the training as many times as they wish.

"I commend Elections NB on its vision and commitment to providing world-class training for thousands of people dispersed across the province," said Emad Rizkalla, president, Bluedrop Performance Learning. "The bilingual solution we developed provides effective training accessible anytime to users regardless of geographical location, age and computer literacy level. We are also pleased that Elections NB is leveraging our CoursePark platform to conveniently deliver training to all users and efficiently track and report on learner progress and results."

In addition to using the new online training modules, Elections NB will hire a training officer to work in each electoral district. These officers receive specialized training on how to best train the election workers hired to work at polling stations in each district.

Elections NB will open 55 returning offices for the provincial election and will set up about 500 polling stations across the province. More than 4,500 election worker positions will need to be filled during the election period.


MEDIA CONTACT: Paul Harpelle, communications, Elections NB, 506-453-2218, paul.harpelle@gnb.ca.