Canada Summer Games 2009

Tuesday, Aug. 18, Team NB results (09/08/18)

NB 1159

Aug. 18, 2009

SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. (CNB) Following are Team New Brunswick results for Tuesday, Aug. 18, at the 2009 Canada Games.

Rugby (TOS)
NB 5 SK 15

NB Stephen Bates 5


NB 14 MB 12 (NB is 3-1)

NB James Mitchell 5, Jake DeWolfe 5, Stephen Bates 4 (two converts)

Tennis (Victoria Park)

(Lynda Rogers-Rothesay sf, Mélika LeBlanc-Moncton sf, Gabrielle Surette-Dieppe et Natalie Murphy-Dieppe df, Alex Lavoie-Moncton et Daniel Blake-Hampton dm, Patrick Haché-Beresford sm, Callum Stewart-Quispamsis sm)


NB lost 4-2 to NFL

Callum Stewart lost 6-0 and 6-4

Patrick Haché lost 6-3 and 6-3

Mélika LeBlanc lost 6-1 and 6-4

Lynda Rogers lost 6-3 and 6-2

Blake and Lavoie won 3-6, 6-1 and 10-3

Surette and Murphy won 6-2, 3-6 and 10-8

Rowing (Southwest River)

Brian Peters (Quispamsis) and Greg Tomney (Quispamsis) men's double scull were second in their heat in 4:44,98 and advance to finals Friday.

Keegan Drummond (Quispamsis), Greg Thériault (Rothesay), Simon Gagnon (Saint John) and Cameron Reid (Rothesay) men's four were 4th in their heat and 4th in repêchage in 4:10,25 and advance to finals Friday.

Michelle Roy (Fredericton),  Jennifer Johnston (Saint John), Erica Gagnon (Quispamsis), Laura Corscadden (Fredericton) Women 4 were fourth in preliminaries and 4th in repêchage in 4:43,48 and advance to finals on Friday.

Keegan Drummond (Quispamsis), Greg Thériault (Rothesay), Simon Gagnon (Saint John) and Cameron Reid (Rothesay), Mike Craig (Saint John), Robin Overing (Rothesay), Taylor Overing (Rothesay), Rob Alexander Saint John), Nicole Sanscartier (Rothesay)  men's 8 were 4th in preliminaries and 2nd in repêchage and advance to finals Friday.

Softball (VIV Field)

NB 2 NS 4

NS  010 030 0  4 8 2

NB  000 001 1  2 3 0

LP Alicia O'Brien

Erin Freeze (Saint John) 2s, Alisha Sherwood (Saint John)

Cycling (time trials at Évangéline)

Stuart Wight (Riverview) 7th  in 30:33, Justin Thériault (Hanwell) 20th  in 31:18, Pat Mulherin (Durham Bridge) 42th and Jean-Richard Cormier (Dieppe) 45th. Denis Hébert (Moncton) 60th

Natalie Cormier (Fredericton) 27th in 23:17, Elizabeth Russell (Fredericton) 28th in 23:26, Jessica Dahn (Fredericton) 32nd, Julia Cormier (Hanwell) 40th,  Emily Nickerson (Fredericton) 30th.

Sailing (Yacht Club)

(Results are after two days of racing, they have one to four races per day depending on wind)

Tom Nicholson (Saint John) laser is 5th, Catherine Richards (Saint John) radial is 5th, Meredith Evans (Rothesay) and Erin Moir (Rothesay) 29er are 8th and Kelvin Galliland (Rothesay) and Alex Black (Rothesay) 29er are 9th.

Soccer (women) (CUP)
NB 1 NS 4

NB Megan Spicer (Sussex) in first half.

Beach volleyball (CUP)

NB 2 PEI 0 (male) (NB is 3-0)

Kyle Blanchard (Saint John) and Ryley Boldon (Fredericton)

NB 21  27

PEI 15  25


NB 2 BC 0 (female) (NB is 3-0)

Jill Blanchard (Saint John) and Hilary Cummings (Sussex)

NB 24  21

BC 22  19

Basketball  (CUP)

NB  111 YK  37 (women)

NB Brittany Gilliss (Fredericton) 20, Tamara Tompkins (Lakeville) 17, Jenna Jones (Riverview) 14, Courtney Thompson (Saint John) 12, Julie Hatcher (Riverview) 8, Laura McCaffrey (Rothesay) 8, Vanessa Pickard (Riverview) , Rachel Jefferson (Quispamsis) 7, MacKenzie Gray (Woodstock) 5, Louise Chiasson (Rothesay) 5, Leanne Davis (Saint John)5 and Kaylee Kilpatrick (Saint John) 2.