Canada Summer Games 2009

Friday Aug. 21 Team NB schedule (09/08/20)

NB 1175

Aug. 20, 2009

SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. (CNB) Following is Team New Brunswick schedule for Friday August 21st at the 2009 Canada Games.

Rugby (TOS) (N.B. battles for 5th place)

9 a.m. N.B. vs. P.E.I.

3 p.m. N.B. vs. N.S.


Cycling (Criterium)

4 p.m. women: Jessica Dahn (Fredericton), Natalie Cormier (Fredericton), Julia Cormier (Hanwell), Emily Nickerson (Fredericton), and Elizabeth Russell (Fredericton).


6:15 p.m. men: Stuart Wight (Riverview), Denis Hébert (Moncton), Pat Mulherin (Durham Bridge), Justin Thériault (Hanwell) and Jean-Richard Cormier (Dieppe).



2:50 p.m. -- Brian Peters (Quispamsis) and Greg Tomney (Quispamsis) double 

3:10 p.m. -- Keegan Drummond (Quispamsis), Greg Thériault (Rothesay), Simon Gagnon (Saint John) and Cameron Reid (Rothesay) men -4

4:10 p.m. -- Michelle Roy (Fredericton), Jennifer Johnston (Saint John), Erica Gagnon (Quispamsis), Laura Corscadden (Fredericton) women -4.

4:50 p.m. -- Keegan Drummond (Quispamsis), Greg Thériault (Rothesay), Simon Gagnon (Saint John), Cameron Reid (Rothesay), Mike Craig (Saint John), Robin Overing (Rothesay), Taylor Overing (Rothesay), Rob Alexander Saint John), Nicole Sanscartier (Rothesay) men -8 with cox.


Beach volleyball (CUP)

10 a.m. -- N.B. vs. P.E.I. (men) 5th position

9 a.m. -- N.B. vs Que. (women) 5th position


Basketball  (CUP)

11:15 a.m. N.B. vs. Man. (men, 5th place)

3:45 p.m. N.B. vs N.L. (women, 5th place)


Wrestling (individual competitions)

10 a.m. semi-final individual

4 p.m. medal round

-50 kg -- Corey Boudreau (Moncton)

-54 kg Jean-François Godin (Beresford)

-58 kg Andy Sandford (Fredericton Junction)

-76 kg Pierre-Philippe Ouellette (Beresford)

-100 kg Andrew Harris (Oromocto)


Final standings round

-63 kg Trent Moses (St. Stephen) 

-85 kg Mitch Player (Geary)

-69 kg Cody Saulis (Oromocto)

-46 kg Keith Shaw (Rothesay)

-115 kg Jason Simmons (Geary)

-42 kg Bobby Simmons (Geary)



9:30 a.m. N.B. vs. P.E.I. (Kensington) for 9th position



(300 m swim, 7 km bike and 2 km run)

10 a.m. -- women -- Janelle St-Laurent (Tide Head), Eeve Stever (Bathurst) et Alexandria Philips (Fredericton).

Noon -- male -- Patrick Gauthier (South Tétagouche), Ian Forbes (Fredericton) et Mikhel Peters (Sackville).


Diving (Cari Centre-Charlottetown)



Sailing (Yacht Club)



Softball (VIV Field)