Commission on Post-Secondary Education in New Brunswick

Update on activities / Commission on Post-Secondary Education (07/02/20)

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Feb. 20, 2007

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Within its first month of activities, the Commission on Post-Secondary Education in New Brunswick has already taken many important steps regarding the discussion paper, the advisory committee and the consultation sessions.

The two commissioners, Rick Miner and Jacques L'Écuyer, anticipate releasing the discussion paper that will serve as the starting point for consultations in early March.

"Students, stakeholders from post-secondary education sector and the public are eagerly awaiting this document in order to begin submitting their briefs and comments," Miner said. "Although this document will help start discussions, it is not meant to limit topics related to post-secondary education that could be raised."

An advisory committee to the commission is presently being formed. The names of the members and the schedule of the consultation sessions will be made public when the discussion paper is released.

"We will soon be able to provide the dates, locations and other details concerning the consultation meetings due to start in mid-April," L'Écuyer said.

The commission has an office responsible for information research, organization and communications. Students have also already begun to participate in the commission's activities, and all efforts are being made to ensure an active network within the student population.

The Commission on Post-Secondary Education in New Brunswick is mandated to look into all aspects of post-secondary education. It is an ideal forum to discuss ways to meet the challenges in this sector.

Visit the commission's website to contact staff and obtain other information.


MEDIA CONTACT: Diane Gauthier, communications, Commission on Post-Secondary Education, 506-444-2088.