Commission on Post-Secondary Education in New Brunswick

Commission releases discussion paper and introduces advisory panel (07/03/08)

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March 8, 2007

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The Commission on Post-Secondary Education in New Brunswick released its discussion paper today, and introduced the members of its advisory panel.

Commissioners Rick Miner and Jacques L'Écuyer presented the discussion paper as the starting point for consultations that will take place from mid-April to the beginning of May.

"This document is meant to stimulate your thinking to help us come up with the best ideas and recommendations in order to improve the current post-secondary system," L'Écuyer said. "The next step is now yours."

The commissioners invited students, post-secondary education stakeholders and the public to participate in the commission's work. People may answer the questions of the discussion paper, send a brief, or share their comments using the discussion paper as a source of inspiration. Details may be found on the commission's website.

The commissioners also introduced the six members of the advisory panel that will assist the commission as it proceeds with recommendations and preparation of the final report.

"They come from a broad range of backgrounds, and will all have different and interesting perspectives on the post-secondary system in the province," Miner said.

The members are:

If needed, more members may join the panel in coming weeks.

The Commission on Post-Secondary Education in New Brunswick is mandated to look into all aspects of post-secondary education. It is an ideal forum to discuss ways to meet the challenges in this sector.


MEDIA CONTACT: Diane Gauthier, communications, Commission on Post-Secondary Education, 506-444-2088.