200 young francophone leaders meeting in Bathurst (08/09/18)

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Sept. 18, 2008

BATHURST (CNB) - École secondaire Nepisiguit will host a provincial leadership symposium for young francophones from Sept. 18 - 21, in partnership with the Fédération des jeunes francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick and the Department of Education.

"I am very pleased to announce that this year, for the first time, all 22 francophone high schools are participating in the provincial leadership symposium for student councils," said Education Minister Kelly Lamrock. "This will provide our young leaders with a unique opportunity to solidify their role as committed, responsible residents within their schools and their communities."

The symposium is for high-school student councils, and its theme is Camper dans l'univers du leadership (camping out in the world of leadership). It will focus on two main themes: the operation of student councils, and the cultural mediator roles of the young leaders.

"Student councils are the key to expanding the daily experience of our schools and their learning environment," Lamrock said. "This type of event is a vibrant illustration of the commitments we have made in our education plan, When Kids Come First. In order for our school system to be the best in the country, we must make sure that it educates independent, committed, responsible young people who are prepared to build a self-sufficient province."

Among other activities, the symposium will serve as a forum for the chair of the Commission on Francophone Schools, Gino LeBlanc, who will meet with the young leaders.

"This first contact with the young leaders of our high schools is fundamental to my role as commissioner," LeBlanc said. "I am looking forward to hearing innovative ideas so that together we can build the best francophone schools possible, schools in which all children can, over time, improve their academic performance, show greater pride in their language and culture, and leave school with the keys to success."


MEDIA CONTACT: Angélique Binet, communications, Education, 506-444-4714.