Sussex students learning empathy as part of community-school partnership program (08/10/22)

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Oct. 22, 2008

SUSSEX (CNB) - Raising money and volunteering for charitable groups as part of Sussex Middle School's community outreach program are helping students at the school learn empathy.


"Students at Sussex Middle School are learning how to show compassion as individuals, and showing leadership in how to become involved citizens," said Education Minister Kelly Lamrock during a classroom visit to the school today. "This is a wonderful example of how a school can connect with its community."

Lamrock announced during the visit that two more District 6 schools will be designated as community schools.

Rothesay High and Rothesay Elementary will each receive a new, half-time staff position in charge of developing partnerships with public, private and volunteer groups in their respective communities.

Sussex Middle School was designated as a community school in December 2007. Since then it has formed partnerships with several community groups, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Transition House, and the Canadian Cancer Society. It held a community action day in February, when several volunteer agencies and organizations were adopted by the school's house teams. The community helps fund the breakfast club, and the local Sobeys is spearheading raising funds for a new minibus. The school is also developing plans to expand its tutoring and in-school mentoring programs that match community volunteers with struggling students.

A community school fosters relationships to create a centre of opportunity for children, youth, families and communities during and after school hours. It allows parents and community members to work with teachers to support the school as a centre of learning with a focus on academics, family supports and community service.

To date, 43 schools from both the anglophone and francophone sectors have been designated as community schools. In the 2008-09 school year, the Department of Education will invest another $3.3 million in the community schools initiative.

Lamrock also announced that District 6 schools will receive about $178,300 from the Innovative Learning Fund (ILF) in 2008-09 to pay for classroom projects promoting hands-on learning.

The ILF is a multimillion-dollar fund to help teachers bring creative ideas into their schools. It is a signature project of When Kids Come First, which plans to build the best education system in the country.

The ILF is available to any teacher, school or school district in the New Brunswick public education system. All projects approved for funding must focus on improving student academic performance or enhancing teaching practices, with a clear connection to literacy, numeracy and science.

During 2008-09, the ILF will invest:

  • $1.1 million in 149 projects in nine anglophone districts, plus $620,000 for projects yet to be approved; and
  • $773, 829 in 123 projects in five francophone districts, plus $566,171 for projects yet to be approved.
Since its launch in August 2007, the ILF has invested $6.8 million in New Brunswick classrooms.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Following are new District 6 ILF projects that received funding during Round 1 of the 2008-09 school year. MEDIA CONTACT: Jordan O'Brien, communications, Department of Education, 506-457-4999.

District 6 ILF recipients, Round 1, 2008-09

  • Get FANatical About Math with the Saint John Sea Dogs; Krista McCallum, Rothesay Park School ($17,851)
  • Meaningful Early Literacy; Alyssa MacIsaac, District 6 office ($14,857)
  • EAL Literacy Intervention Pilot; Sarah Reid, District 6 office ($10,672)
  • E.L.P.A. Preparation Manual; Peter Guravich, Hampton High School ($19,795)
  • Exploring Interactive Communication Technologies; Daniel McKiel, Sussex Regional High School ($17,114)
  • French Enrichment School-Community Partnership Project; Selvarani Stefani, Kennebecasis Park Elementary School ($10,299)
  • Successful Entry for Newcomers; Sarah Reid, District 6 office ($8,827)
  • Rethinking Racism: A Student-Centred Exploration; Sarah Reid, Kennebecasis Valley High School ($3,444)
  • K Park Elementary Writers in Residence; Sharon McCracken, Kennebecasis Park Elementary School ($2,458)
  • Adding Up the Math; Brenda McCarthy-Jarvis, Belleisle Elementary School ($2,483)
  • Amis ecrivains; Laura Batt, Fairvale Elementary School ($2,479)
  • No More Robot Readers, PLEASE!; Tracey Meahan, Kennebecasis Park Elementary School ($2, 206)
  • Mother Goose; Carolyn James, Belleisle Elementary School ($1,431)
  • Stories for Strong and Struggling Writers; Annie O'Brien, Fairvale Elementary School ($2,500)
  • QMS Newsletter; Wendy Buchanan, Quispamsis Middle School ($1,899)
  • Math Authenticity; Jayne Bettle, Apahoqui Elementary School ($2,347)
  • Are You Smarter Than a Sixth Grader?; Kim Clancy, Sussex Middle School ($2,374)
  • Mastery of Multiplication; Anita Rodgerson, Hammond River Valley Elementary School ($2,500)
  • September Surveys and Statistics; Karla Lamb, Hampton Middle School ($2,374)
  • Phonics Fun; Krista Saunders, Hammond River Valley Elementary School ($2,500)
  • Read and Review; Krista Saunders, Hammond River Valley Elementary School ($2,010)
  • Bring Boys Back to Reading; Deborah Gillis, Fairvale Elementary School ($1,000)
  • Middle School - Coming Ready or Not; Rhoda Wilson, Sussex Middle School ($2,500)
  • Creating Digital Images of 3D Objects and Calculating the Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms; Darlene Daigle, Harry Miller Middle School ($2,433)
  • Exploring the Biome of Our School; Randy Davis, District 6 ($2,267)
  • Smart Stories; Mary Breen, Hammond River Valley Elementary School ($2,500)
  • Running to Write!; Bonnie Hierlihy; Fairvale Elementary School ($2,498)
  • Hands-on Learning Through Cooking; Steven Harding, Sussex Middle School ($1,800)
  • "My Journey to Success" Writing Projects; Shayne Buchanan, Partners in Alternative Learning Strategies, Hampton ($2,429)
  • Walk on the Hundreds Side; Anita Rodgerson, Hammond River Valley Elementary School ($1,390)
  • Mathematics Autism Reinforcer Kit (M.A.R.K.); Sharon Evans, Sussex Corner Elementary School ($2,500)
  • Podcast "en francais"; Darlene Daigle, Harry Miller Middle School ($2,433)
  • Making Fractions Real for 6th Graders; Kim Clancy, Sussex Middle School ($1,100)
  • Robotics in the Classroom; Michael MacPherson, Sussex Middle School ($2,491)
  • Environmental Science Field Work; Suzanne Hanley, Partners in Alternative Learning Strategies, Hampton ($2,500)
  • Interactive International Student Project; Spencer Jeffrey, Sussex Regional High School ($2,500)
  • Write Like the Experts!; Deborah Freeze, Sussex Middle School ($1,200)
  • Blogging Fives; Candace Ogden, Hammond River Valley Elementary School ($2,500)
  • Collaborative Modern History Multimedia Project; Shayne Buchanan, Partners in Alternative Learning Strategies ($2,499)
  • Flying Squirrel Houses; Steven Harding, Sussex Middle School ($2,500)
  • Tour of New Brunswick; Judy Curnew, Hammond River Valley Elementary School ($2,320)
  • Interactive Newspaper; Michelle Pelrine, Quispamsis Middle School ($2,500)