Province invests $1,190,000 to support innovative projects in francophone schools (08/10/28)

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Oct. 28, 2008

SAINT-JOSEPH-DE-MADAWASKA (CNB) - A total of 66 projects in francophone schools and school districts will be receiving grants from the Innovative Learning Fund (ILF). Education Minister Kelly Lamrock made the announcement today at the Saint-Joseph-de-Madawaska community school in Madawaska.


uring the visit, Lamrock was introduced to Gouvernement'ART, an ILF-funded project at the school. The children are divided into eight departments and a Premier's cabinet. Each department develops an entrepreneurship project that will contribute in its own way to improving the environment.

"Each department has a minister and a deputy minister," said Émilie Couturier, École Saint-Joseph premier. "This project is for all the kids at school. They've chosen their departments according to their interests."

Lamrock said that he was impressed with how serious the children were in wanting to help fix the problems that affect the entire community directly.

"I'm delighted to see how innovative and hopeful these projects can be," Lamrock said. "Sometimes kids can teach us a lesson."

The ILF is an initiative developed in connection with the provincial education plan, When Kids Come First. Its purpose is to support innovative projects that focus on school success, which can subsequently be shared with and used in other schools.

"I'm pleased to note the high level of involvement of the province's schools with respect to this fund," said Lamrock. "It's exciting for both students and teachers. Our aim is to improve learning while adding value to teaching. We are finding that the projects supported by the ILF are producing truly worthwhile results, and increasing the children's desire to come to school to learn."

Each project may obtain funding ranging from $2,500 to $20,000, depending on the type and duration of the project. This year, a total of $1,190,000 has been invested in projects that promote improvement of children's learning, especially in literacy, numeracy, and science. More than $734,000 will be used to support projects initiated last year, while an additional $456,000 will support new projects in 2008-09.

For further information about the ILF, visit the Department of Education website.


EDITOR'S NOTE: A list of ILF projects follows: MEDIA CONTACT: Elizabeth Joubert, communications, Department of Education, 506-444-4714.

List of ILF projects

District 1 - Tier 1

  • District 1 office, Isabelle Renaud - Developing a positive rapport with language and improving oral communication skills using ICTs, $2,500;
  • District 1 office, Suzanne Doucet - Publication of a book dealing with auditory-verbal communication in children with a hearing impairment, $2,500;
  • École Anna Malenfant, Hélène Martin - Interactive poetry festival using an interactive whiteboard in a Grade 4 class, $2,499;
  • École Carrefour de l'Acadie, Claire Savoie - Formative evaluation at the touch of a finger: a win-win situation for young people, $2,500;
  • École L'Odyssée, Lindsie Violette - Use of an interactive whiteboard in discovering the learning process, $2,500;
  • École Le Mascaret, Caroline Serry - Use of an ACTIVboard to create meaningful learning situations, $2,500;
  • École des Bâtisseurs, Ian Arseneault - Numeracy and literacy: Interactive problem solving, $2,500;
  • École Sainte-Anne, Monique Livingston - Improving numeracy learning by taking greater advantage of formative evaluations through technology, $1,949; and
  • École Mathieu-Martin, Janice Cormier - ICT in chemistry, $2,494.

Tier 2

  • District 1 office, Claudette Lavigne - History of the Acadians of New Brunswick - Teaching guide, $13,438;
  • École Samuel-de-Champlain, Danielle Downing - Guided reading at the heart of a balanced program - a reading approach in small groups adapted to the skills and needs of each student, $15,000;
  • École Le Mascaret, Raymonde Godin - Literacy: everybody's business, $15,000;
  • École Amirault, Suzanne Robichaud - A necessarily differentiated path in reading to ensure success, $10,000;
  • École Sainte-Bernadette, Luc Handfield - Building a community of readers, $13,000;
  • District 1 office, Bernice McGraw-LeBlanc - Formative evaluation with technology equals rapid intervention, $15,000;
  • École Champlain, Mélanie Boudreau - Sowing the seeds of our learning for a greener future, $11,000; and
  • École L'Odyssée, Eric Landry - Impact of the interactive whiteboard and feedback joysticks, $14,050.

District 3 - Tier 1

  • École Mgr-Lang, Marilyne Cote - Motivation through the use of ICTs, $2,250;
  • Cité des Jeunes A.-M.-Sormany, France Bourgoin - Fascinating reading - committed readers, $2,246;
  • Élémentaire Sacré-Coeur, Marcelle Eccleston - Reading and writing, $2,250; and
  • Polyvalente A.-J.-Savoie, Pauline Dube - Gifted students become computer specialists, $2,250.

Tier 2

  • École Régionale-de-Saint-André, Danielle Cyr-Poitras - Integration of interdisciplinary packages into the literacy movement for elementary school students, $18,000;
  • Alternative class (Cité des Jeunes), France Godin - Stained glass images, $4,112;
  • École Grande-Rivière, Chantal O. Akerley - Elementary project: Times have changed!, $11,935;
  • École Saint-Joseph, Daniel Martin - Gouvernement'ART (Government'ART), $17,834;
  • District 3 office, Kathleen Rice - Stress management in the school environment: visualization as a tool for stress management and learning, $7,004;
  • Alternative class (Polyvalente Thomas-Albert), Marc Carrier - Accromécano (Crazy for mechanics), $4,535;
  • Polyvalente Thomas-Albert, Pierre Morin - Multi-sensory room for special needs students, $17,417; and
  • École Saint-Jacques, Michelle Gaumont - Awakening a passion for learning, $8,274.

District 5 - Tier 1

  • École Le Coin-des-Amis, Anil Berthelotte - Becoming an independent reader: leaving a legacy, $2,500;
  • École François-Xavier-Daigle, Mireille Savoie - Reading with MP3, $2,491;
  • École La Découverte-de-Saint-Sauveur, Sophie Guitard - Smartboard, $2,500;
  • École Le Tournesol, Carole Hébert - coooperation with parents, $2,500;
  • École La Croisée de Robertville, Sylvie Boudreau-Morrison - Éduca-ballon (Educa-ball), $2,497;
  • École secondaire Népisiguit, Richard Roussel - ESN's life code on video, $2,500; and
  • École Carrefour-Étudiant, Louise Thériault - Mini-journalist, $2,500.

Tier 2

  • District 5 office, Gérald Vienneau - Toward a balanced literacy program, $20,000;
  • École Apollo-XI, Josee Ferron - Managing differences: an essential path, $8,517;
  • École Carrefour-Étudiant, Josée Larocque - Literacy at heart, $15,872;
  • École La Croisée de Robertville, Joanne Couturier-Caron - (, $16,095; and
  • Académie Assomption, Sylvie Meunier - littérart (litterart), $16,099.

District 9 - Tier 1

  • Polyvalente W.-Arthur-Losier, Jacqueline Thomas - School and the world of work...for a successful partnership!, $2,500.

Tier 2

  • École L'Escale-des-Jeunes, Micheline Godin - Literacy-Inclusion-Differentiation, $5,507;
  • École Marguerite-Bourgeoys, Isabelle Fournier - Differentiation through literacy to fight academic failure, $20,000;
  • École Léandre-LeGresley, Nicole T. Landry, Learning in my image, $14,520;
  • École L'Envolée, Anne Vaillancourt, Communicating, reading and writing for real, $10,069;
  • District 9 office, Anne Vaillancourt - Reading at the heart of learning, $20,000;
  • Centre La Fontaine, Tania Power - Musical, $12,700; and
  • District 9 Office, Julie Levesque -Young scientists in action!, $20,000.

District 11 - Tier 1

  • École Grande-Digue, Denise S Richard - Phonological awareness in elementary essential prerequisite!, $2,456;
  • École Père-Edgar-T.-LeBlanc, Pierrette Gallant - Varied structures for putting students at the centre of their learning, $2,472;
  • École Donat-Robichaud, Maryse Halloran - A literacy project to improve the learning of Grade 7 and 8 students, $2,500;
  • École Grande-Digue, Michelle Bourque - Let's learn reading strategies to promote academic success, $2,500;
  • École Calixte-F.-Savoie, Bernice Leblanc - Making a compendium of stimulating and fun activities to enhance literacy and numeracy learning in kindergarten, $2,478;
  • École Marée Montante, Josette Morais-Arsenault - Dynamic reading club to improve learning, $2,495;
  • District 11 office, Bernard Manzerolle - Writing to learn how to write, $2,500;
  • École Grande-Digue, Nadine J. Cormier-Dupuis - Creation of podcasts by the students of École Grande-Digue, $2,500;
  • École Régionale de Baie-Sainte-Anne, Janice Daigle - Technological innovation in high school subjects, $2,500;
  • École Secondaire Assomption, Monique Gallant - Using technology for student learning, $2,500; and
  • École Régionale de Baie-Sainte-Anne, Nadine Mazerolle, Developing a diversified culture through information and communications technologies, $2,500.

Tier 2

  • École Donat-Robichaud, Sophie Cormier - Strategic literacy teaching to improve the learning of Grade 2 and 3 students, $15,383;
  • École Blanche-Bourgeois, Renée Bourgeois - Reading to learn: literacy in high school, $19,991;
  • École Marée Montante, Aldéo Richard - More time and support for students with learning difficulties through mastery learning, $4,072;
  • École Clément-Cormier, Debbie Belliveau - Differentiation to provide motivation for developing pride and improving French skills in high school, $20,000;
  • École Mgr-Marcel-François-Richard, Yannick Michaud - Instructional use of new technologies to create meaningful learning situations, $15,102; and
  • Polyvalente Louis-J.-Robichaud, Yannick Méthot - A biotechnology course for gifted science students, $20,000.