New writing centre part of $159,000 investment in District 8 (08/10/29)

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Oct. 29, 2008

SAINT JOHN (CNB) - A new writing centre at Harbour View High School is connecting gifted students with struggling writers in lower grades to create a supportive environment for young people to express themselves through words.


The writing centre was created this fall, thanks to a $13,140 investment from the Department of Education's Innovative Learning Fund (ILF).

Education Minister Kelly Lamrock visited the centre today, and announced that District 8 schools will receive a further $159,000 in 2008-09 to pay for classroom projects promoting hands-on learning.

"There is no greater joy for me than to see young people learning how to express themselves through reading and writing," said Lamrock. "This writing centre is an invaluable tool for Harbour View High School to help students build their self-confidence and self-worth through creativity."

The ILF is a multimillion-dollar fund to help teachers bring creative ideas into their schools. It is a signature project of When Kids Come First, a plan to build the best education system in the country.

The ILF is available to any teacher, school or school district in the New Brunswick public education system. All projects approved for funding must focus on improving student academic performance, or enhancing teaching practices with a clear connection to literacy, numeracy and science.

The Department of Education's investment at Harbour View High School is supporting students who need help with writing, and those for whom it is a joy. Students use the centre to learn basic skills or seek enrichment activities, or even to get published.

The centre provides gifted student writers in grades 11 and 12 with a place to train to become peer educators for those struggling in lower grades. It also offers tutorials to meet individual needs, and has become a space within the school where all students may flourish as writers.

During 2008-09, the ILF will invest:

  • $1.1 million in 149 projects in nine anglophone districts, plus $620,000 intended for projects yet to be approved; and
  • $773, 829 in 123 projects in five francophone districts, plus $566,171 intended for projects yet to be approved.

Since its launch in August 2007, the ILF has invested $6.8 million in New Brunswick classrooms.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Following are new District 8 ILF projects that received funding during Round 1 of the 2008-09 school year. MEDIA CONTACT: Jordan O'Brien, communications, Department of Education, 506-457-4999.

District 8 ILF recipients, Round 1, 2008-09

- Using Technology to Enhance the Learning of Struggling Grade 9 Math Students;
Jill Jollineau, District 8 office ($39,132)

- District 8 Community School Literacy Partnership; Barbara Creamer, Glen Falls School ($30,095)

- Multiple Intelligences Learning Centre; Nathalie Graham, Beaconsfield Middle School ($7,915)

- The Math Workshop; Rhonda Cyr, Gerald Teed Memorial School ($18,445)

- Writing Centre; Karen Vickers, Harbour View High School ($13,140)

- Online Science Fair; Sarah Anglehard, Forest Hills School ($19,798)

- Using Digital Photography to Motivate Student Writing; Katherine Feight, Grand Bay Primary School ($2,455)

- The Use of Animations in Biology; Ryan Connors, St. Malachy's Memorial High School ($2,455)

- Musique/Chansons en français; Anny Pelletier, St. Malachy's Memorial High School ($2,380)

- Graphic Novels: Extending the Multi-Literacy Experience to Capture Both the Avid and Unmotivated Readers; Judith MacMillan, Saint John High School ($2,499)

- Keeping the Rhythm - Keeping the Beat, Canadian Music and Literacy Meet; R. Elizabeth Brewer, Forest Hills School ($2,413)

- Literacy Terms Come Alive!; Dawn M. Lamb, Lorne Middle School ($2,153)

- Critical Literacy; Kathleen Doiron, Glen Falls School ($2,478)

- Making Math Tasty; Melissa Savoie, Forest Hills School ($2,464)

- Assessment for Learning Through Technology; Maurice Savoie, Barnhill Memorial School ($2,420)

- Think Aloud Strategy; Colleen Sullivan, District 8 office ($2,178)

- Millidgeville Airport/Aviation Project; J. Mark Crowley, M. Gerald Teed Memorial School ($2,492)

- Les correspondants de la mathématique/Math Pals; Nadine Cormier, Forest Hills School ($2,500)

- EAL Literacy Intervential Pilot; Sarah Reid, District 8 office ($1,704)