New Brunswick teachers help develop curriculum on nuclear science technology (08/12/11)

NB 1801

Dec. 11, 2008

SAINT JOHN (CNB) - Six high-school science teachers in New Brunswick are on the leading edge for development of curriculum on nuclear science technology. Their work has resulted in the creation of a new website that will make the curriculum available to teachers and students across Canada and around the world.


The teachers worked with Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) to develop the curriculum. The teachers are:

The project is designed to improve levels of science literacy for Canadian high-school science students, and is accompanied by visuals, graphics, animations, and hands-on activities. It also features lesson plans for teachers of all subject areas.

The project came about as a result of feedback from science teachers about the lack of adequate teaching material on nuclear science.

"The website is a source of scientifically accurate information vetted by educators and industry specialists, and is available to students, teachers and the general public," said Dwight Dunfield, who participated in the project. "There is also open access to all of the teacher resources, which can be used as published or modified for individual use."

More information may be found on the CNA website, through the Education Resources link. The site features web-based modules which include fact sheets, instructional media, videos, animations explaining scientific information, games, electronic publications and other resource materials. More than 50 lesson plans, classroom activities, project descriptions and question-and-answer sheets are available to teachers.


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