Teacher / staff appreciation week (09/02/11)

NB 147

Feb. 11, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Education Minister Kelly Lamrock issued the following message in recognition of Teacher / Staff Appreciation Week, Feb. 8-14:

Parents and educators share a common goal: to equip children with skills and knowledge that prepare them for their adult lives.

To prepare today's students for 21st century challenges, we must be adaptable, forward-thinking and amenable to change in light of new and changing realities.

We have called on educators across the province to prepare our students for a bright future by setting ambitious targets in our education plan, When kids come first. We have supported their efforts by providing schools with the largest funding increase to education in a generation.

We've asked teachers and school staff to work with our students to build essential skills in literacy. We've challenged educators to develop innovative and engaging projects for students using new technologies. And, we've asked schools to engage their communities and to seek out new partners who can enrich students' learning experiences.

Educators have responded by delivering increases in literacy results on reading assessments across the province.

Teachers have responded with world-class student projects developed with grants of more than $7 million from our Innovative Learning Fund.

Schools and communities have responded by working together to develop more than 50 community-schools across the province that provide students with educational experiences based in their communities that develop their skills in literacy, math and science.

In recognition of Teacher / Staff Appreciation Week, I would like to thank the educators and staff in each school across New Brunswick for their dedication and commitment to developing quality learning opportunities for our students and future leaders. Your contribution to our students' education today will better prepare them for the opportunities of tomorrow.