Educational study leaves granted to 72 teachers (09/03/04)

NB 267

March 4, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Educational study leaves have been granted to 72 teachers for the 2009-10 school year.

The announcement was made today by Education Minister Kelly Lamrock; Brent Shaw, president of the New Brunswick Teachers' Association; and Marcel Larocque, president of l'Association des enseignantes et des enseignants francophones du Nouveau Brunswick.

"As part of our When Kids Come First education plan to build the best system in the country, we support professional development," Lamrock said. "Through professional development opportunities such as the educational leave program, we are helping our teachers be better able to fulfil their critical function in teaching our children so they may play a key role in a self-sufficient New Brunswick."

The educational study leave program represents an investment by the Department of Education of $2.7 million.

"New Brunswick teachers are committed to meeting the diverse needs of their students, and this challenge requires great expenditures of time and effort," Shaw said. "Educational study leaves provide the freedom necessary for teachers to pursue additional plans for professional improvement."

Educational study leaves vary from three months to a full year. They are granted to a teacher wishing to devote up to one year of study or travel for retraining, specialization or professional growth.

"Educational study leave is one of the methods preferred by teachers to meet their continuing education needs," Larocque said. "It is a source of enrichment for those who have a chance to experience it because they always return to the school setting with a desire to put all their new learning to work. To all those who will have such an opportunity in the next school year, we wish them a successful leave and a positive upgrading experience."

Several When Kids Come First priorities addressed in these leaves include administration leadership; masters of education with specialization in resource and methods; and training in the subject fields of literacy, mathematics, special needs/exceptionalities and guidance/counselling.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Following is a list of teachers granted educational study leave, leave duration, and school districts. MEDIA CONTACT: Hillary Casey, communications, Department of Education, 506-444-2455.

District 1
- One-year leave: Pauline Cormier, Luc Belliveau, Ginette Goguen
- Six-month leave: Chantal Vinet, Lyne Anne LeBlanc

District 2
- One-year leave: Todd Adams, Tammy Constantine, Linda Davies, Robert Gaudet, Monique LeBlanc, Rachel Way, Wendy White
- Six-month leave: Lisa Cormier, Jane Trainor

District 3
- One-year leave: Marc Basque, Danielle Cyr-Poitras
- Six-month leave: Lise D. Morin, Françoise St-Pierre-Daigle

District 5
- One-year leave: Scott Winchester

District 6
- One-year leave: Karrie Harris, Jason Throne, Heather Whittaker
- Six-month leave: Joanne Cormier, Krista Saunders
- Five-month leave: Bonita Hayward-Demmons
- Four-month leave: Alyssa MacIsaac

District 8
- One-year leave: Frances Butler, Anne Gaudet, David F. Cochrane, Karen Kelly
- Six-month leave: Leigh-Ann Laskey, Philippa Mugglestone
- Five-month leave: Amanda Hodgin, Mark Phinney
- Four-month leave: Tammy Walsh
- Three-month leave: Sara Hayward

District 9
- One-year leave: Christian Thériault, Joseph-André Robichaud
- One-year leave (part-time): Nicole Landry
- Six-month leave: Linda Jean (Duguay)
- Four-month leave: Nadine Noël

District 10
- One-year leave: Marla Anderson.
- Six-month leave: David O'Leary.
- Four-month leave: Kimberly Weeks.

District 11
- One-year leave: Annette Gallagher, Martine Dionne, Lisa M. Arsenault, Steven Haché
- Six-month leave: Lise Arsenault

District 14
- One-year leave: Heidi Culberson, Rien Erichsen-Meesters, Jennifer Green.
- Five-month leave: Susan Galbraith, Tracy Graham.

District 15
- One-year leave: Ann Landry, Curry Winchester.

District 16
- One-year leave: Candace Curtis, Wendy McLaughlin.
- Six-month leave: Deborah Hill.
- Four-month leave: Catherine Hackett-Harris.

District 17
- One-year leave: Bonnie Bourgeois, Jeffery Toner.
- Six-month leave: Nelda Robbins.
- Five-month leave: Ronna Gauthier

District 18
- One-year leave: Lori Bidlake-Pinsent, Brandon Langille, Julie Maston.
- Six-month leave: Lauren Allen, Janet Blizzard, Marcie Connors, Cheryl Storey.
- Five-month leave: Lisa Morrison.