Registration for 2009 summer camps (francophone sector) (09/04/16)

NB 505

April 16, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Students from francophone schools are being invited by the Education Department to register for the summer program EDUCATION PLUS, Education Minister Kelly Lamrock announced today.

Four-hundred students from grades 6 to 11 will be eligible to attend 15 camps set up by universities and colleges as well as by various community and private organizations.

This $408,500 investment by the Department of Education includes the hiring of about 30 post-secondary students as camp leaders and directors.

"To make our school system the best in the country, and to achieve self-sufficiency, we must give our young people an opportunity to explore new horizons by learning more about various trades and professions," said Lamrock. "These summer camps provide young people with a store of new knowledge that will encourage them to pursue post-secondary."

The camps are one week long, and they will be held this year from June 28 to Aug. 14. Registration forms may be obtained from school principals.


MEDIA CONTACT: Johanne Le Blanc, communications, Department of Education, 506-444-4714.