160 young francophone leaders to meet at provincial leadership symposium in Dieppe (09/09/17)

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Sept. 17, 2009

DIEPPE (CNB) - About 160 young student council leaders from the 22 francophone high schools in the province are scheduled to meet Sept. 17-20 at the 18th provincial leadership symposium in Dieppe.

The symposium will be hosted by École Mathieu-Martin, in partnership with the Fédération des jeunes francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick (FJFNB) and the Department of Education.

"This partnership between FJFNB, our schools and government to train our young leaders is essential so that these students can develop and grow in order to make a positive difference in their schools and communities, and to take part in building a self-sufficient province," said Education Minister Roland Haché.

The theme of the symposium is Carrying the leadership torch. Workshops offered will deal with such topics as leadership, sportsmanship, culture and citizenship, and will focus on two main subjects: citizen participation and community involvement.

The students will also take advantage of this opportunity to elect, for the first time, those who will represent them on the francophone district education councils (DECs).

Last May the Department of Education announced the addition of one student member to each DEC to ensure the participation of young people when decisions that relate to them are made. Student representatives will have full voting rights and will participate in regular DEC activities so that councils take into account students' viewpoints.

"This new approach of giving our young leaders the right to speak and vote will help them feel even more involved and responsible within their schools and communities," said Haché. "Holding an event such as the leadership symposium, and having students on the DECs, are commitments we made in our education plan When kids come first, in order to make our school system the best in the country."


MEDIA CONTACT: Johanne Le Blanc, communications, Department of Education, 506-453-3085.