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86 new school buses in operation (09/09/23)

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Sept. 23, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - There are 86 new, environmentally friendly school buses operating in the province. Transportation Minister Denis Landry, Education Minister Roland Haché, and Environment Minister Rick Miles made the announcement today.


Landry said that more than $6.8 million has been invested in these buses, with the funding coming from the Department of Transportation's capital budget. The buses were purchased and are maintained through the department's vehicle management agency.

Landry said that government continues modernize its fleet of 1,211 buses, with 257 new vehicles purchased during the last three years, at an investment of more than $19.5 million.

"As part of my department's green vehicle policy, these new buses also meet more stringent engine emission standards, are clean-burning, and have a particulate trap that filters and reduces harmful emissions," said Landry. "These types of reductions will help reduce environmental impacts in New Brunswick."

Environment Minister Rick Miles said that it is important that government lead by example, and continue to strive to meet the commitments set out in the New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan.

"This investment in cleaner, greener transportation is evidence that our government is committed to achieving the goals set out in the New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan," said Miles. "Investments such as this will ensure that New Brunswick continues to be a promoter of environmental sustainability, which we must achieve in order to remain positioned to be self-sufficient by 2026."

"Government continues to make major investments in enhanced transportation and continued safety," said Haché. "These new buses are designed to allow improved driver visibility of the crossing arms that force students to walk out and around the front of the bus."


MEDIA CONTACTS: Andrew Holland, communications, Department of Transportation, 506-453-5634; Valerie Kilfoil, communications, Department of Education, 506-444-4919; Jennifer Graham, communications, Department of Environment, 506-453-3700.