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Premier visits West Riverview School (anglophone sector) (09/10/20)

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Oct. 20, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Premier Shawn Graham visited with students at West Riverview School today to inspect the gym's newly installed $59,000 floor, and to see how government's commitment to increased physical education in schools is affecting students.

Last year, government increased the number of minutes per week to 150 from 100 for physical activity and education, and hired more physical education teachers. Schools have been phasing-in increased instructional time, with full implementation of the 150 minutes expected next year.

"Physical education is an important part of ensuring that students exercise not only their minds, but also their bodies," said Graham, a former physical education teacher. "Government is committed to ensuring that New Brunswick students receive an education that gives all of them an opportunity to find something about which they are passionate."

The increase in physical education was part of a broader initiative that also saw the return of art and music teachers to schools. More than 100 new positions have been created for specialists in those three areas.

"Government is investing in school infrastructure, and at the same time encouraging students to be active and make healthy lifestyle choices that will serve them well as they grow into productive and active adults," said Graham.

The new rubber flooring installed in the gym is one of a number of improvements made at West Riverview School recently. Last year, almost $366,000 was spent on site improvements, which included a new bus drop-off area and a staff parking lot.


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