Committee begins followup on report of Commission on Francophone Schools (09/11/02)

NB 1724

Nov. 2, 2009

BERESFORD (CNB) - Members of the committee that will followup on the report of the Commission on Francophone Schools chose a name and elected a chair at their first meeting, held Friday, Oct. 30.

The Action Group for the Commission on Francophone Schools will work to put a plan in place to follow up on the LeBlanc Commission Report. The group will also develop and implement a linguistic and cultural policy, which will define ways in which Acadian and francophone schools can fulfil their mission of promoting academic success and identity building.

Education Minister Roland Haché attended the meeting, and said that he was looking forward to working with the group, which is comprised of community and government representatives.

"In my opinion, this first meeting was very productive," he said. "I am proud to say that we are on track to work together and move into action. It's wonderful to see the level of commitment of the Acadian and francophone communities to building the best possible schools for our children."

The group chose Ernest Thibodeau, head of the Fédération des conseils d'éducation du Nouveau-Brunswick, as chair.

"I am pleased to see this committee begin its work," he said. "Today we have laid the foundations for how the action group will function, so that we can move forward toward implementing the recommendations of the Commission on Francophone Schools."

The group stressed the need to act on the recommendation to set up a committee of experts to review the funding of francophone schools. That recommendation, as well as the work, mandate, and objectives of the group, will be on the agenda of the next meeting, the date of which will be determined by Thibodeau.

The group has identified the following key partners:


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