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Port Elgin school-based health centre officially opens (09/12/07)

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Dec. 7, 2009

PORT ELGIN (CNB) - A new school-based health centre has officially opened at the Port Elgin Regional School.

Premier Shawn Graham and Health Minister Mary Schryer today joined officials from School District 2 and the Horizon Health Network to open the Port Elgin and Region Health Centre officially.

"As a government, we strive to ensure New Brunswickers have opportunities to access health and education services when and where they need them," said Graham. "This innovative partnership will transform the school into a centre of learning and wellness for the whole community."

The centre was relocated from a local nursing home to the Port Elgin Regional School, which was designated a community school in 2008.

"The Department of Health commends all of the partners involved for their dedication in pursuing such a unique model of primary health care," said Schryer. "This co-location within a community school provides advantages for students, parents and the community."

The Department of Education and School District 2 contributed more than $30,000 toward the project. They were key partners in providing required space for the new location and will provide ongoing in-kind support.

"This is another important partnership between School District 2, the Department of Education and Horizon Health Network," said Karen Branscombe, superintendent of School District 2. "With these three partners joining forces, our students will have increased opportunities for health education, health promotion and onsite access to health services."

The Horizon Health Network has contributed $90,000 and will provide staffing and ongoing operational support.

"The increased space and resources now available will allow the Port Elgin and Region Health Centre to offer expanded programs and work more closely with members of the community to provide the health care they need," said Donald J. Peters, president and chief executive officer, Horizon Health Network. "In particular, by being located within the Port Elgin Regional School, we are able to offer accessible care and health education to students, teachers and parents on an ongoing basis. The relationship is truly beneficial to all parties."

The centre, anticipated to receive more than 2,200 patient-visits each year, is staffed by a nurse practitioner, a nurse and an administrative support worker. Three physicians from the Sackville area travel to the centre weekly to see scheduled patients. A dietician and physiotherapist visit every two weeks.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Hillary Casey, communications, Department of Health, 506-457-3522; Valerie Kilfoil, communications, Department of Education, 506-444-4919; Aubrey Kirkpatrick, communications, School District 2, 506-856-3616; Sonya Green-Haché, communications, Horizon Health Network, 506-623-5523.