Assessment, evaluation rebuilding validated (10/03/11)

NB 345

March 11, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The latest auditor general's annual report validates the importance of rebuilding the Department of Education's provincial assessment and evaluation program.

The department has been strengthening its assessment program since 2006, addressing many of the auditor general's recommendations, including the reinstatement of the minister's advisory committee on testing and evaluation.

"Our government shares with the auditor general the view that a strong educational assessment and evaluation program is critical to the overall success of the student and the system," said Mary Schryer, speaking as acting education minister. "Provincial assessments provide us with accurate and reliable ways to measure our progress on the skills that students will need most to be successful in the 21st century."

The data collected are used at the provincial, district and school levels to develop policy and make program decisions to ensure improvement. It enables the department, districts, principals and staff:

"Building the best education system in Canada means setting clear targets and standards to be achieved, measuring and monitoring our progress, and modifying or focusing approaches to teaching based on this information," Schryer said.

Assessment results have shown that New Brunswick is on the right track with its focus on early literacy. There has been a seven-point gain in the number of Grade 2 students reading at the target level, the biggest jump in literacy since testing began.


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