Sustainable skills for young people in the 21st century (10/05/10)

NB 702

May 10, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - More than 200 people - including principals, directors of education, superintendents, learning specialists and Department of Education employees from the francophone sector - attended a workshop that highlighted the importance of offering young people the tools to develop sustainable success in the 21st century.

Premier Shawn Graham and Education Minister Roland Haché attended the meeting, Compétences durables pour les jeunes du 21e siècle (sustainable skills for young people in the 21st century, held Wednesday, May 5, and Thursday, May 6.

"More than ever, our New Brunswick society needs to be competitive, and that begins with every young person acquiring solid literacy, math, and science skills, and it includes the development of identity building," Graham said. "You are the ones who ensure the success of our young Acadians and francophones."

Haché said he was proud to be in the presence of highly committed, competent leaders able to take up educational challenges.

"Through this leadership, we will build the best Acadian and francophone schools together, as proposed in the report of the Commission on Francophone Schools," he said. "We are already seeing some fine achievements as a result of this leadership, including the performance in literacy and the international recognition of the entrepreneurial community school by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization."

The guest speaker was author and education expert Charles Fadel, who said young people need to develop those skills in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology that will enable them to choose and carve out a place for themselves in society.

"Our young people are living in a world in which transformation is accelerating, and productivity and competitiveness are two crucial issues for all of the world's societies," Fadel said.

The principals and learning specialists used the workshop to identify the best strategies for guiding all children toward acquiring the sustainable skills to help them achieve success. They agreed to continue to collaborate toward this end.

The workshop dealt specifically with learning core subjects; sustainable skills for the 21st century; better integration of technologies; wellness and physical activity; school paths and community schools.



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