Site for new school on Fredericton's north side (10/05/13)

NB 729

May 13, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Some students, parents and teachers were the first to get a look at the location of the new northside elementary school today along with Premier Shawn Graham and Education Minister Roland Hache.

The actual site is still inaccessible to the public until a new road is built, but a sign has been installed at the intersection of Cliffe Street and Two Nations Crossing marking where the new entrance will be. The parcel of land was owned by the province and is situated in a quickly developing area of the north side.

The new school will also be one of the first built in the province using 21st-century design standards.

"How we teach and what students need to learn have changed dramatically in the last decade and will continue to change at a rapid pace," said Graham. "This new school will be a showcase for the kinds of structural changes in school design that support a 21st-century model of learning."

While there are schools piloting 21st-century teaching methodology, all new schools will be built according to new design standards, which include:

"By combining technology-rich classrooms and school environments where learning is student-driven and project-based, students will be more engaged in their learning," said Haché. "This will make them better prepared for higher education, employment and life in the 21st-century economy."

The anglophone sector of the Department of Education has been developing NB3-21C, a new strategy for public education. NB3 addresses the need to focus on and improve student achievement in the areas of literacy, numeracy and science. 21C relates to teaching students skills such as creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, leadership and citizenship.


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