Discussion paper on bullying in schools released (10/06/11)

NB 954

June 11, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - A discussion paper for public feedback has been released by the Department of Education in advance of the minister's summit on bullying in schools.

More than 100 students, parents, and educators have been invited to meet in Fredericton on Thursday, June 17, for the summit.

"The discussion paper represents the starting point for the summit's discussion on bullying," said Education Minister Roland Haché. "Our response to bullying must go beyond the classroom. Preventing bullying is a shared responsibility between the school system, parents and the community."

The goal of the summit is to have an open and informed discussion on bullying and how it is addressed in the school system. Issues for discussion include:

The summit will be broken into a morning and afternoon sessions with two different panel discussions.

The discussion paper will remain on the Department of Education website for two weeks after the summit to allow enough time for people to submit comments. Panel presentations will also be videotaped and posted to the department's website.



MEDIA CONTACT: Valerie Kilfoil, communications, Department of Education, 506-444-4919.