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Belledune launches community conservation program with Efficiency NB (08/09/19)

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Sept. 19, 2008

BELLEDUNE (CNB) - With the announcement of a community conservation plan in partnership with Efficiency NB, the Village of Belledune has become one of New Brunswick's leading communities in promoting energy efficiency and taking action on climate change.

Minister of Energy Jack Keir praised the village for its leadership.

"Belledune joins a growing number of communities raising the awareness and importance of energy efficiency through a community campaign," Keir said. "The village is a great example for other New Brunswick communities, both big and small. Congratulations to Belledune residents, business owners, mayor, council and village administration for committing to become more energy efficient."

"Energy efficiency and partnering with communities are key components of our climate change action plan," said Minister of Environment Roland Haché. "In order to meet the objectives set out in the action plan, and remain positioned to be self-sufficient by 2026, our province needs more communities to be involved in taking action on climate change."

Mayor Nick Duivenvoorden pledged the village's commitment to the conservation initiative in front of residents, town officials and representatives from Efficiency NB at the Belledune Recreation and Cultural Centre.

"This is a positive step toward a more energy efficient future for Belledune," Duivenvoorden said. "In our homes, in our schools, workplaces and businesses we can all be more energy efficient and take steps to use less energy. We will all enjoy the benefits of making these small and large changes, and I hope all of you will join us in this exciting plan."

Homeowners received information on how to arrange for an energy audit of their home to measure its energy efficiency rating, the first step in using Efficiency NB's Existing Homes Upgrades program, which offers financial incentives and advice to make homes more energy efficient. There was also a light bulb exchange sponsored by Efficiency NB. Residents brought in an incandescent bulb and exchanged it for an energy efficient compact fluorescent bulb.

The village has completed energy audits on its five municipal facilities, with help from Enerplan consultants. Work is now ongoing to implement the recommended actions, and once complete, the village's energy savings are expected to be about $29,000 per year. This decreased energy use will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by the facilities by about 167 tonnes, or the equivalent of 28 passenger vehicles being taken off the road for a year.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Tracey Somers, Efficiency NB, 1-506-643-2860; Nicole Carrier, Village of Belledune 1-506-522-3700.