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Bathurst launches energy campaign with Efficiency NB (08/10/20)

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Oct. 20, 2008

BATHURST (CNB) - A campaign to reduce energy consumption in Bathurst has been launched by Efficiency NB, the City of Bathurst and Bathurst Sustainable Development.

The Bathurst Energy Efficiency Community Campaign is aimed at encouraging Bathurst residents and businesses to decrease their energy use; at helping the city achieve greenhouse gas reduction targets; and at helping the city meet the goals of the New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan.

"Municipalities and communities are key partners in encouraging energy efficiency practices for our province," said Energy Minister Jack Keir. "It is terrific to see the City of Bathurst promoting energy efficiency and engaging its community in these efforts."

This month, 3,800 Bathurst homes will receive a Green-up Tool Kit, which includes one energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) bulb; brochures; and information on available rebates offered by Efficiency NB.

The kits will be delivered door-to-door by student volunteers from the environmental science classes at Bathurst High and Ecole Secondaire Nepisiquit. The kits will also include an entry form for a chance to be one of 25 homes selected for a bulb swap of up to 12 CFL bulbs per home.

Brenda Kelly, community development co-ordinator, says the group has set some ambitious goals for the campaign.

"Our goals are to distribute and to have installed 4,000 CFLs; to encourage 200 homeowners to have a home energy evaluation arranged through Efficiency NB; and to encourage 20 local businesses to complete an energy audit," she said.

Bathurst residents of all ages will be involved in the campaign, which will include a contest; educational activities for children; public information sessions; and workshops on energy efficient renovations for homeowners and contractors.

Information on the campaign is available at the climate change action centre, 237 Main St., Bathurst; by calling Bathurst Sustainable Development, 506-548-2106; or by visiting www.bathurstsustainabledevelopment.com.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Tracey Somers, Efficiency NB 506-643-2860; Brenda Kelley, Bathurst Sustainable Development, 506-548-2106.