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Efficiency NB launches partnership with home improvement stores (09/05/06)

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May 6, 2009

GRAND BAY-WESTFIELD (CNB) - A partnership between Efficiency NB and home improvement stores in the province was announced today by Energy Minister Jack Keir.


The agency is working with retailers on a provincewide consumer education program to increase awareness of Efficiency NB's residential energy efficiency programs, and increase the sales of energy efficient products at home improvement stores.

"This collaboration will benefit the province in several ways," said Keir. "We are encouraging people to upgrade their homes to make them more energy efficient, which means that they'll save money on their energy costs and be helping the environment. They'll also be creating employment and stimulating the economy by buying energy efficient products and hiring local contractors to do the work. It's a win-win-win scenario - the perfect equation for self-sufficiency."

The average participant in Efficiency NB's residential energy efficiency program spends about $11,000 on energy efficient upgrades.

The partnership includes training sessions for store staff and bilingual point-of-purchase signage. The signage will be installed in stores over the next two weeks, and will prompt consumers to request information and advice from the store's retail staff. A total of 75 home improvement retailers are taking part.

"Home improvement stores were quick to come on-board with the program," said Don Sherwood, president of the Atlantic Building Supply Dealers Association. "When staff are more familiar with the energy efficiency programs they can provide better service and advice to customers doing upgrades, and the signage promotes the programs so more people take advantage of the incentives and carry out their upgrades using the proper materials. It's good for business."

Efficiency NB has a full range of residential energy efficiency programs that offer loans and grants to owners of both existing and new homes and multi-unit residential buildings. Information on any of Efficiency NB's programs may be found on its website, or by calling 1-866-643-8833.


MEDIA CONTACT: Tracey Somers, Efficiency NB, 1-506-643-2860, e-mail: tracey.somers@gnb.ca.