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Energy-saving program for small and medium manufacturers (09/06/11)

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June 11, 2009

TRACADIE-SHEILA (CNB) - A program is available to help small and medium manufacturers reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Small and Medium Industrial Program - a new stream of the Energy Smart program offered by Efficiency NB - will also help these manufacturers improve their productivity and competitiveness.

Elizabeth Weir, president and chief executive officer of Efficiency NB, announced the program here today during the annual meeting of the New Brunswick Enterprise Network.

"With our help, businesses can identify savings potential, build a business case for investment and quickly move to implementation," Weir said. "It is good for the business, and it is also good for the local community by increasing investment and jobs."

The program will help small and medium industries identify the best opportunities to save energy and minimize investment risk by determining a clear rate of return. It will also help these industries project a dollar value of future energy savings.

"This program will further assist New Brunswick's small and medium industries become more competitive," said Energy Minister Jack Keir. "By helping small and medium industries become more energy-efficient, we are helping them to compete in the global marketplace. They are able to reduce operating costs and invest their savings into their companies.

"Our government will continue to take steps to ensure businesses in New Brunswick have the tools they need to be more successful in our province."

The Small and Medium Industrial Program complements Efficiency NB's program for large industry. It provides customized support to smaller industries using at least 50 per cent of their energy bills in manufacturing and having a peak average monthly energy consumption of less than two megawatts.

The program provides incentives at three steps:

More information is available at Efficiency NB, 1-866-643-8833, or at the industrial section of Efficiency NB's website.


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