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Perth-Andover completes two-year energy efficiency campaign (09/07/18)

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July 18, 2009

PERTH-ANDOVER (CNB) - A two-year energy efficiency campaign with Efficiency NB has been completed by the Village of Perth-Andover. Rachel Lanteigne, community outreach co-ordinator with Efficiency NB, and Perth-Andover Mayor Rick Beaulieu made the announcement today at the village's farmer's market.

Perth-Andover was the first community in New Brunswick to work with Efficiency NB on a campaign to help residents and businesses reduce energy consumption. Through its efforts, the village decreased residential electricity consumption by 3.3 per cent.

Energy Minister Jack Keir praised the village's efforts.

"I congratulate the residents and businesses of Perth-Andover for achieving significant results in their energy efficiency campaign," said Keir. "The reduction in overall consumption is something to be proud of. A more energy efficient future for the province starts in our local communities. Thank you to Perth-Andover for leading the way."

The village completed energy assessments on seven of its municipal buildings, and implemented many energy efficiency upgrades. With the savings it realized it offered residents free swimming and skating.

"We are proud of our residents and businesses," said Beaulieu. "As a community we have gained a better understanding of the potential that energy efficiency holds for reducing costs and reinvesting savings. We will continue with our commitment to have better practices toward energy use within our community."

Perth-Andover held a number of initiatives to encourage energy efficiency, including two compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) giveaways, after which 55 per cent of homes installed an average of eight CFL bulbs; and distributing water-heater blankets, 84 per cent of which have been installed.

Businesses in the village have also been involved, and 11 of them have begun the process of becoming more energy efficient by having initial energy assessments. Several businesses were also active participants and sponsors of some of the campaign's activities.

Perth-Andover also took the message of the value of energy efficiency into schools, involving students from kindergarten to the high school's environmental studies class. As well, the village recently held a colouring contest to promote energy efficiency.

Other communities wishing to participate in community energy efficiency initiatives should contact Efficiency NB directly at 1-866-643-8833.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Rachel Lanteigne, community outreach co-ordinator, Efficiency NB, 1-506-639-8557, rachel.lanteigne@gnb.ca.