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New government buildings recognized for energy efficiency (09/12/10)

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Dec. 10, 2009



FREDERICTON (CNB) - Three government buildings have been recognized as some of New Brunswick's most energy efficient new commercial buildings as part of Efficiency NB's Start Smart program. Plaques for each building were presented at the legislature today by Elizabeth Weir, president and CEO of Efficiency NB, and Energy Minister Jack Keir.

The design and construction of the buildings was managed by the Department of Supply and Services to achieve a high standard of energy efficiency. The buildings are:

Education Minister Roland Haché; Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Donald Arseneault; and Agriculture and Aquaculture Minister Ronald Ouellette accepted the plaques on behalf of their respective departments.

The Start Smart program provides incentives that are equal to twice the estimated annual energy savings, up to a maximum of $60,000, to help offset the cost of the design and modelling of highly energy efficient buildings.

Keir said that government is leading the way in designing and building energy efficient buildings in New Brunswick, and he commended Supply and Services Minister Ed Doherty for that department's attention to energy efficiency.

"With their premium energy efficiency features, these new government buildings will, together, save at least $34,000 in energy costs annually, and generate a reduction in greenhouse gases equal to taking 23 cars off the road for a year," said Keir. "The Government of New Brunswick is setting a great example for new commercial buildings across the province."

Doherty said that he was delighted that the buildings had met the aggressive targets of the Start Smart program.

"For some time, now, Supply and Services has been very focused on ensuring that all new government buildings are designed to be both energy efficient and environmentally friendly," said Doherty. "I am proud of our success in delivering state-of-the-art facilities that deliver cost savings to government, and assist us as we work toward becoming a greener and more sustainable New Brunswick."


MEDIA CONTACTS: Tracey Somers, communications, Efficiency NB, 506-643-2860; Chrystiane Mallaley, communications, Department of Supply and Services, 506-457-7903.