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New TV series helps owners build energy-efficient homes (10/01/08)

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Jan. 8, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - A new television series will help residents build homes that are energy efficient and less costly to operate. The series was developed by Efficiency NB and the Conservation Council of New Brunswick.

Energy Minister Jack Keir said the series, called Build it Better, will help New Brunswickers by focusing on energy efficient design and construction of their homes.

"I always say the cheapest energy is the energy you don't use,"said Keir. "New Brunswickers building homes have the perfect opportunity to do it right and save money from the day they move in, and this show will help them do that."

Build it Better is a four-part series that will be broadcast in both English and French beginning Monday, Jan. 11. The series explains the process of building an energy efficient home beginning with design, choosing a builder, and working with Efficiency NB through its Energy Efficient New Homes program. Later episodes deal with how to incorporate energy efficient features such as insulation and air sealing, windows and doors, lighting and appliances and central heating systems.

Efficiency NB's president and chief executive officer, Elizabeth Weir, said the series is a follow-up to one that has been airing over the past year called $ave this House, which focuses on upgrading a home's energy efficiency.

"With the popularity of $ave this House, we saw another exciting opportunity to help educate New Brunswickers who are building homes," said Weir. "This new series will show why building an energy-efficient home is the best choice for your family, your budget and the environment."

Build it Better will be broadcast on Rogers TV channel 10 throughout the province. Viewers should check their local listings for times.


MEDIA CONTACT: Tracey Somers, communications, Efficiency NB, 506-643-2860, tracey.somers@gnb.ca.