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Damage assessments finalized for tropical storm Danny (09/09/29)

NB 1452

Sept. 29, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The damage caused in New Brunswick by tropical storm Danny does not meet the criteria for disaster financial assistance, Public Safety Minister John W. Foran said today.

Foran said the damage caused by Danny does not meet the criteria of the Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) program. The tropical storm struck the province Aug. 29-30.

"We realize that a number of residents in southern New Brunswick were affected by flooding, and we are sympathetic to their losses," Foran said. "However, damages for the most part were in basements. Damages incurred from sewer back-up are insurable losses and are not covered by provincial and federal assistance programs. Anyone affected by flooding is advised to contact their insurance company if they have not already done so."

Despite the flooding that occurred, rainfall was not considered extremely unusual. Amounts were substantially less than those received last year during tropical storm Hanna.

There are several criteria to determine whether a DFA is warranted, including the extent and types of damages; whether reasonable precautions were taken; and if losses are insurable by a resident's insurance carrier.


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