Minister announces winners of environmental leadership awards (08/11/28)

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Nov. 28, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The winners of the 2008 Environmental Leadership Awards were announced today by Environment Minister Roland Haché.

"New Brunswickers are truly fortunate to be living in a province that is home to so many dedicated environmental leaders," Haché said. "On behalf of the people of New Brunswick, I commend each of this year's award winners for their efforts to enhance and protect our environment."

This year's recipients are:

"These awards pay tribute to environmental leadership in our province, and they also provide all New Brunswickers with role models to follow," Haché said. "I hope this year's winners will be an inspiration to many more people, businesses and groups to play a greater role in ensuring environmental sustainability in our province."

The recipients will be presented with a pewter medal embossed with the award logo at a ceremony in their respective communities this winter.

The awards are presented annually to individuals, groups and businesses in New Brunswick that demonstrate exceptional leadership in the enhancement and protection of the environment. A panel of independent judges selects the recipients. Information about the awards is available online.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Background information on the award recipients follows. MEDIA CONTACT: Jennifer Graham, public affairs, Department of the Environment, 506-453-3700.


Recipients' biographies

Youth-after-school garbage pickup: Joseph Creagh and Lliam Box, Woodstock

These Grade 4 students made their community cleaner by picking up garbage during their walk to their after-school daycare. They brought enough bags so that everyone in their daycare class could pick up litter on the way from school.

Individual: Meduxnekeag Environmental Showcase and Nature Preserve, Carl Faulkner, Woodstock

This founding director of the Meduxnekeag River Association spearheaded the association's decision to buy the 52-hectare (130-acre) Wilson Mountain property, which became Phase 1 of the Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve. He also led the purchase of the Leonard Woods and Bell Forest properties, which were added to the preserve. Faulkner has promoted Wilson Mountain as an outdoor classroom and has taken a lead role in organizing the construction of walking trails used by hundreds of schoolchildren each year.

Business: Plantation d'Arbres pour le Bilan Carbone émis par les véhicules de la compagnie, La Grange à Tapis, Beresford

La Grange à Tapis is going beyond its environmental objectives of recycling cardboard and optimizing its energy efficiency: it is making a commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by planting 44,000 trees. The business believes these are enough trees to absorb the CO2 emitted by its vehicles. According to calculations, if CO2 emissions remain unchanged, the carbon footprint associated with the use of the business's vehicles will remain at zero, since the trees planted should absorb, on average, 125 tonnes of CO2 annually during the next 80 years.

Communities, groups and organizations: Energy Efficient Perth-Andover, Village of Perth-Andover

The Village of Perth-Andover has launched a campaign making it New Brunswick's leading energy-efficient community. The village has initiated a series of activities to help residents make better energy choices; manage energy expenses; and lessen the impact of energy use on the environment. The village has begun initiatives such as retrofits to municipal buildings and water heater blanket giveaways. It has also encouraged homeowners to have energy audits done and to install a minimum of four compact fluorescent light bulbs in their homes.

Youth Group: Sauver la terre ... j'apprends à le faire - École Académie Notre Dame, Dalhousie

Students at École Académie Notre Dame launched an environmental challege to students and parents through their Sauver la terre ... j'apprends à le faire project. They created a logo and promotional posters for their project and launched a green lunchbox challenge to parents and students. A green initiative ideas notebook and calendar were distributed along with a compact disc of music created and performed by the students. The CDs featured messages of saving the Earth to raise public awareness.

Lifetime achievement - composting, recycling and education - Jean Noël Lagacé, Dunlop

In 1980, Jean Noël Lagacé started to grow fruits and vegetables organically on his farm. As he learned more about organic farming, he taught others how to prune fruit trees and to compost. As a scout leader, he taught scouts how to identify trees and shrub; he also taught them the importance of leaving nature as they found it. He has spoken at schools and brought students to his farm to learn first-hand about organic gardening and tree identification.