Environmental impact assessment draft guidelines for proposed open pit mine set for release (08/12/18)

NB 1853

Dec. 18, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Draft guidelines for a comprehensive environmental impact assessment (EIA) on a proposal by Geodex Minerals Ltd. to construct and operate an open pit molybdenum and tungsten mine will be available to the public today, Environment Minister Roland Haché has announced.

"Public consultation is an important component of the EIA process, particularly at the draft guidelines stage, before an EIA study proceeds," Haché said.

Draft guidelines identify issues that the proponent or sponsor of the project must examine through completion of an EIA study, and subsequent preparation of a report.

The EIA regulation of the Clean Environment Act provides a period of 30 days for members of the public to forward written comments on the draft guidelines. Public comments received in response to this draft are essential, and will be considered in preparation of the final guidelines, which will then be issued to the proponent.

Under the regulation, the environment minister must issue final guidelines to the proponent, and make copies available to the public within 60 days of releasing the draft version. The proponent is then responsible for carrying out the study, based on the guidelines, and submitting an EIA report to the minister.

The EIA report will examine the potential environmental effects of the construction and operation of the project, related facilities and infrastructure.

"The Department of Environment wants to ensure that the relevant issues are identified in the draft guidelines, and encourage the public to review these documents and provide their comments accordingly," Haché said.

The draft guideline documents are available online, and at the following locations:

Written comments on the draft guidelines should be forwarded to the attention of the manager of the project assessment section on or before Jan. 30, 2009, by mail to Department of Environment, c/o Project Assessment Section, P.O. Box 6000, Fredericton, N.B., E3B 5H1; by fax: 506-453-2627; by telephone: 506-444-5382; or by e-mail EIA-EIE@gnb.ca.

Geodex Minerals proposes to build the mine near Napadogan, York County. The project was registered on Sept. 5.

The project would include the development, operation and ultimate reclamation of an open pit molybdenum and tungsten mine with an on-site ore processing facility to produce mineral concentrates. The plant would produce 20,000 tonnes of ore per day, operate 343 days per year, and employ about 300.


MEDIA CONTACT: Jennifer Graham, communications, Department of Environment, 506-453-3700.