Minister encourages public input on proposed Bayside quarry (09/02/13)

NB 157

Feb. 13, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The following piece has been written by Environment Minister Roland Haché, minister of environment and minister responsible for community planning:

I would like to advise the residents of the Bayside local service district (LSD), located just north of St. Andrews, that the Department of Environment is working on two planning processes in their area. First, we are converting the Bayside basic planning statement to a rural plan. Second, we received a request for an amendment to allow for a quarry operation. I would like to explain each of these.

Converting the basic planning statement to a rural plan

The department is working on converting the Bayside basic planning statement to a rural plan. This initiative is in response to a request from the LSD advisory committee in 2007 and part of our ongoing work to convert all basic planning statements to rural plans. This process will result in a modern planning document that includes goals, objectives and zoning provisions; and reflects the permitted uses contained in the basic planning statement.

Work is almost completed on the proposed rural plan, and there will be a public hearing scheduled for mid-March. There will be two notices of the public hearing placed in the local newspapers, about one month and one week in advance of the hearing.

Request for an amendment to allow for a quarry operation

In December 2008, the department received a request for an amendment to allow for the construction of a new permanent, enclosed aggregate manufacturing plant within Champlain Industrial Park. The request for an amendment also asked for the relocation of primary processing activities and the phased development of aggregate extraction activities east of Route 127. Preliminary work has begun on this request, and we expect to schedule a public hearing this summer or early fall. Again, there will be two notices of this public hearing.

We recognize that residents are concerned about the requested amendment. I have been monitoring the concerns of residents worried about what this would mean for them.

I would like to reassure residents that their point of view matters. As minister, I must balance the environmental and economic aspects of any request; ensure that the proper process is followed; and ensure that the concerns of residents are considered.

Following is the process generally followed for amendment requests to allow for a use that is currently not permitted:

A more detailed description of the process may be found at www.gnb.ca/environment.

I encourage residents to contact the Department of Environment through the Sustainable Planning Branch with their questions and comments. It is important that residents have their say on planning matters, and residents may be sure that their comments will be considered.

Please send your comments by e-mail to planning-urbanisme@gnb.ca; by mail to the attention of the Sustainable Planning Branch, P.O. Box 6000, Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 5H1; by fax, 506-457-7823; or by telephone, 506-453-2171.