Saint-Quentin resident fined for violating Clean Water Act (09/02/20)

NB 198

Feb. 20, 2009

SAINT-QUENTIN (CNB) - A local resident been placed on probation for seven months after pleading guilty in Saint Quentin provincial court to violating regulations under the Clean Water Act.

Judge Pierre Dubé also ordered Patrice Lebel of 5834 Route 17, Saint-Quentin, to comply with a watercourse alteration order issued by the Department of Environment. The judge waived the imposition of a fine. A second charge of undertaking a watercourse alteration without a permit was withdrawn.

The Department of Environment had charged Lebel with failing to comply with a watercourse alteration order under the Watercourse and Wetland Alteration Regulation of the Clean Water Act.

In June 2007, an inspection of Lebel's property determined that an undersized culvert had been installed at Five Fingers Brook without a permit issued by the minister of Environment.

The Department of Environment served Lebel with an order requiring him either to install a properly sized culvert or to remove the existing culvert and install a small bridge over the watercourse.

The department expected Lebel to complete this work by Aug. 21, 2007. An inspection of the property on that date confirmed that Lebel had not complied.

Environment Minister Roland Haché encourages all New Brunswickers to be responsible stewards of the environment and to report any infraction of environmental regulations.


MEDIA CONTACT: Vicky Deschênes, public affairs, Department of Environment, 506-453-3700.