Governments invest in infrastructure in Balmoral and Charlo (09/03/23)

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March 23, 2009

BALMORAL (CNB) - Joint federal and provincial investments under the communities component of the Building Canada Fund will improve water and wastewater services for residents of Balmoral and Charlo. Funding of almost $3 million was announced on Saturday, March 21, by Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Donald Arseneault, and Senator Percy Mockler.


The projects will enhance local facilities and services, and create local jobs at a time when the need for economic stimulus is greatest.

"Having strong infrastructure is vital in order for our province to remain positioned to be self-sufficient," said Arseneault. "Our government's investment will help ensure that Balmoral, Charlo and New Brunswick communities have quality infrastructure to protect residents' health and wellness, as well as the environment."

Arseneault spoke on behalf of Environment Minister Roland Haché.

"The Government of Canada is working with provincial and municipal governments to deliver results to the people of New Brunswick through important water and sewer system upgrades in Balmoral and Charlo," said Mockler. "Our federal investment of close to $1.5 million will make a difference in these two communities by strengthening local infrastructure, improving the quality of life, and helping our economy now and for years to come."

Federal, provincial and municipal governments will each invest up to $648,617 in the Balmoral project, which involves replacing an outdated water storage reservoir. The existing reservoir was built in 1979 and is beyond its useful life expectancy. In addition, three streets have been identified for water and sewer service expansions. The project will increase the number of households and businesses connected to sanitary sewer systems and provided with access to improved drinking water quality. Improved quality of drinking water; increased service reliability of water treatment and distribution facilities; a lower volume of water extraction; and improved watershed management are all benefits of this project.

In Charlo, the three levels of government will each invest up to $801,831 to upgrade and expand the existing wastewater treatment lagoon. The present facility is at its maximum loading capacity. The lagoon will be upgraded by adding UV disinfection, and increasing the capacity by 60 per cent with construction of an additional aerated retention cell adjacent to the existing lagoon. This expansion and upgrade will allow the village to eventually connect certain sectors that are presently not serviced, promote economic development within the areas already connected to the system, and better protect public health.

Funding for both projects is contingent on completion of all contractual agreements, including pending environmental impact assessments with municipalities.

These projects are two of 32 across the province that will get underway quickly thanks to a joint federal-provincial investment of more than $38 million. Together with municipal contributions, the total investment in local infrastructure improvements in New Brunswick during this first phase exceeds $57 million. The governments of Canada and New Brunswick have taken steps to advance projects and provide money for targeted infrastructure projects in New Brunswick communities in the 2009 and 2010 construction seasons.

More information on the Building Canada plan may be found online .


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