Environmental Leadership Award recipients honoured (09/03/23)

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March 23, 2009

BERESFORD (CNB) - A ceremony was held this afternoon in Beresford to honour two recipients of 2008 Environmental Leadership Awards in the Business and Lifetime Achievement categories.


Environment Minister Roland Haché presented La Grange à Tapis of Beresford, and Jean Noël Lagacé of Dunlop, with framed pewter medals and a gift certificate for a tray of tree seedlings that can be planted to commemorate their accomplishments.

"This business and this individual are very worthy recipients of these awards," Haché said. "La Grange à Tapis is leading by example in the business sector by planting enough trees to absorb the CO2 emitted by its business vehicle fleet. Mr. Lagacé has made a lifelong commitment to preserving the environment through organic farming, composting and teaching boy scouts about nature."

La Grange à Tapis is going beyond its environmental objectives of recycling cardboard and optimizing its energy efficiency by making a commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by planting 44,000 trees. The business believes that these are enough trees to absorb the CO2 emitted by its vehicles. According to calculations, if CO2 emissions remain unchanged, the carbon footprint associated with the use of the vehicles will remain at zero, since the trees planted should absorb, on average, 125 tonnes of CO2 annually during the next 80 years.

In 1980, Jean Noël Lagacé started growing fruits and vegetables organically on his farm. As he learned more about organic farming, he taught others how to prune fruit trees and to compost. As a scout leader, he taught scouts how to identify trees and shrubs, and the importance of leaving nature as they found it. He has spoken at schools and brought students to his farm to learn first-hand about organic gardening and tree identification.

"I commend La Grange à Tapis and Jean Noël Lagacé for working on behalf of their communities, and thank them for their interest in environmental protection," Haché said. "It is up to us as residents of New Brunswick to conserve and protect the environment around us. If New Brunswick is to be self-sufficient by 2026, we will need to be partners in ensuring environmental sustainability."

The Environmental Leadership Awards are presented annually to individuals, groups and businesses that demonstrate exceptional leadership in the enhancement and protection of the environment. A panel of independent judges selects the recipients.

Information about the Environmental Leadership Awards is available online.


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