Governments of Canada, New Brunswick invest in infrastructure for five southeast communities (09/03/30)

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March 30, 2009

CAP-PELÉ (CNB) - The provincial and federal governments are contributing a combined total of close to $8.2 million to improve water and wastewater services in Cap-Pelé, Richibucto, Shediac, Port Elgin and Sackville. The announcement was made today by Finance Minister Victor Boudreau and Senator Percy Mockler.

"Our government's investment will help ensure communities in New Brunswick continue to be places where people can live in a healthy, clean and safe environment," said Boudreau. "These projects help provide safe and reliable drinking water and increase environmental protection through improved wastewater collection and treatment. Overall, these investments contribute to the sustainability of our communities and provide capacity for future community growth."

These projects will create local jobs and enhance local facilities and services at a time when the need for economic stimulus is greatest.

"The Government of Canada is working with both levels of government to deliver results to the people of New Brunswick with important upgrades to municipal water and wastewater systems," said Mockler. "Our federal investment of more than $4 million will make a difference in these five communities by improving the quality of life for the people who live and work there and helping the local economy now and for years to come."

In Cap-Pelé, the provincial, federal and municipal governments will each invest up to $2,051,643 to build an aerated lagoon, which will improve the reliability of wastewater collection, treatment and volume. It will also result in fewer discharges of untreated wastewater effluent. In addition, more households and businesses will be connected to the sanitary sewer systems.

In Richibucto, the three levels of government will each invest up to $315,974 to build a water main and pump house. This project will improve the quality of the drinking water and increase the efficiency of the treatment plant and distribution system.

In Shediac, the construction of a UV disinfection system will be made possible with a $388,545 investment from each level of government. The project, involving the Greater Shediac Sewerage Commission, will play a key role in protecting Shediac Bay, by ensuring that the wastewater treatment plant's effluent does not affect the fish habitat and surrounding ecology. The UV disinfection system will eliminate the presence of chlorine residual discharge and improve wastewater collection and treatment.

In Port Elgin, each level of government will invest $127,907 to upgrade the Shemogue Road Lift Station by replacing a sewage pumping station.

In Sackville, the federal, provincial and municipal governments will each invest $1,215,121 to build an elevated water storage tank and transmission main. This project will also improve the quality of the drinking water, increase the number of households equipped with residential metering, and improve service reliability and efficiency.

Funding for these projects is contingent on completion of all contractual agreements, including pending environmental impact assessments with the municipalities.

These projects are five of 32 across the province that will get underway quickly thanks to a joint federal-provincial investment of more than $38 million. Together with municipal contributions, the total investment in local infrastructure improvements in New Brunswick during this first step in the program exceeds $57 million. The governments of Canada and New Brunswick have taken steps to fund targeted infrastructure projects in New Brunswick communities in the 2009 and 2010 construction seasons.

For more information on the Building Canada plan, visit www.buildingcanada-chantierscanada.gc.ca.


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