Environment minister adopts plan for Bayside local service district (09/04/16)

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April 16, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The provincial government is replacing the Bayside basic planning statement with a rural plan to meet the future development needs of this community, located in southwestern New Brunswick.

Environment Minister Roland Haché, who is also minister responsible for community planning, made the announcement. The minister also announced that he will not amend the rural plan to allow for pit and quarry operations in the Bayside area.

"The provincial government has accepted the rural plan for the local service district (LSD) of Bayside," Haché said. "At a public meeting held March 18, residents made it clear they wanted a rural plan that would suit the needs of their area by providing meaningful direction to the community in terms of future development."

This initiative was in response to a request from the LSD advisory committee in 2007 and part of ongoing work to convert all basic planning statements in New Brunswick to rural plans.

This process will result in a modern planning document that includes goals, objectives and zoning provisions and reflects the permitted uses contained in the basic planning statement.

A rural plan is designed specifically to suit the needs of rural areas. It has two parts, one part that outlines the community's objectives or vision for future development (the direction); and a second that outlines the strategies or means by which these objectives will be achieved (the zoning).

Some of the community's objectives contained in the rural plan for future development include:

"In keeping with the objectives outlined in the rural plan, I will not amend the new rural plan to allow for pit and quarry operations, and I am stopping the current rezoning process immediately," Haché said. "As minister of environment, I must balance the environmental and economic aspects of any request; ensure that the proper process is followed; and take into consideration the concerns of residents.

"In this case, I received hundreds of comments from concerned residents and, after reviewing these comments and technical information with my staff, decided that the risk of a quarry operation outweigh the benefits."

More information on the rural plan is available on the Department of Environment's website.


MEDIA CONTACT: Jennifer Graham, public affairs, Department of Environment, 506-453-3700.