Province makes Environmental Trust Fund investment in greener communities (09/05/06)

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May 6, 2009

MONCTON (CNB) - A total of $233,000 from the Environmental Trust Fund (ETF) is being dedicated to the greening of New Brunswick communities, Environment Minister Roland Haché announced today in Moncton.

"The ETF plays a vital role in achieving our goal of being a self-sufficient province by 2026," said Haché. "Through ETF projects, New Brunswick will foster environmental sustainability, and ensure that communities around the province continue to be healthy, greener places to live, be attractive to residents, and be drivers of economic growth."

The following projects received funding under the ETF:

Green matters ($30,000)
The City of Fredericton will engage and motivate residents, businesses, institutions, schools, organizations, etc., in efforts to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in a tangible and sustained way.

Moncton's integrated sustainable community plan ($20,000)
The City of Moncton will develop a municipal green plan concerning energy, water, waste, transportation, brownfields, green infrastructure and land-use planning.

Grand Falls green plan ($15,000)
The Town of Grand Falls will develop a green plan to ensure environmental sustainability.

Climate change and energy conservation action plan ($33,000)
The Town of Riverview will implement components of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Partners for Climate Change Protection Program. They will examine ways to save energy, sequester carbon, divert waste, conserve water, etc.

Greater Saint John sustainability initiative ($20,000)
The City of Saint John and its partners will take steps to move the city toward its goal of developing and implementing an integrated sustainability plan.

Rivière-Verte watershed restoration ($20,000)
The Village of Rivière-Verte will continue efforts to improve water quality in the watershed by eliminating potential sources of pollution.

Implementation of the harmonized green plan for the Communauté rurale Beaubassin Est and Village of Cap-Pelé ($15,000)
The Communauté rurale Beaubassin Est will implement elements of its municipal green plan.

Proud to be green ($15,000)
The Town of Bouctouche will establish an action plan to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

Implementation of municipal green plan ($15,000)
The Village of Memramcook will implement the recommendations of its green plan.

Greenhouse-gas assessment ($20,000)
The Town of Tracadie-Sheila will assess greenhouse-gas emissions within its boundaries.

Plan for the reduction of greenhouse gas ($20,000)
The City of Edmundston will examine its energy consumption practices in order to identify actions that will help conserve energy and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

Establishing a waste management plan for the City of Edmundston ($10,000)
The City of Edmundston will develop a waste management plan.

Each year, the ETF provides significant support to community-based initiatives to restore, improve, preserve and protect air, land and water resources in New Brunswick.

Haché announced in April 2009 that almost $4 million from the ETF would be invested in 167 environmental projects throughout New Brunswick in 2009-10.

"I am pleased that the ETF was able to support these projects that aim to make New Brunswick a greener province," said Haché. "The ETF is an effective tool in helping our province reach the goals of the New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan, and achieve environmental sustainability."

The government launched the five-year plan in June 2007. As a result of New Brunswick-led initiatives in the plan, greenhouse-gas emissions will be reduced in the province by 5.5 megatonnes annually in 2012. With the addition of federal initiatives, the plan will result in a reduction of New Brunswick's greenhouse-gas emissions to 1990 levels in 2012. The achievement of these reductions will position New Brunswick to realize further reductions of 10 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020.

Revenue for the ETF comes from about half of the environmental fee paid on redeemable beverage containers in New Brunswick.

More information on the ETF is available online.


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