Minister recommends environment-friendly practices during Christmas (09/12/03)

NB 1916

Dec. 3, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Environment Minister Rick Miles released today the following message about the importance of being environment-friendly during the Christmas holidays:

With the Christmas season upon us, I remind New Brunswickers that, although Christmas is a wonderful time of year, it is also a time when people tend to produce more waste than usual.

Each year after the presents have been unwrapped and the holiday bustle is over, New Brunswick landfills receive a large amount of waste, such as plastic bags, wrapping paper and boxes.

I urge everyone to choose green alternatives for their Christmas celebrations. A few tips include:

I encourage all New Brunswickers to be mindful of climate change this holiday season. When we each take steps in our daily lives to reduce our carbon footprint, we are giving a gift to future generations of New Brunswickers.

Environmental sustainability is very important to our quality of life and will be vital to the achievement of our government's goal of self-sufficiency for New Brunswick by 2026.

More green tips are at the 'Tis the Season section of the Department of Environment website. It features practical suggestions on topics ranging from environment-friendly baking and decorating, to gift-giving and outdoor activities.

I encourage all New Brunswickers to do what they can to create a green Christmas for themselves and their families.