Cap Pelé-area company fined for violating Clean Environment Act (10/02/01)

NB 138

Feb. 1, 2010

SHEDIAC (CNB) - A Cap-Pelé-area fresh fish processing plant has been fined $2,000 by Judge C. Vautour after pleading guilty in Shediac provincial court to a violation of the Water Quality Regulation under the Clean Environment Act.

Leslie Leger & Fils Ltee, of Trois Ruisseaux, was charged by the Department of Environment with failing to comply with a term or condition of the company's water quality approval to operate. Between Aug. 27 and Sept. 2, 2009, the department received complaints of fish waste being found along the shore adjacent to the fish plant. Further investigation determined that a back-up plate was missing from the bottom of the conveyer, which allowed the fish to be discharged directly to the submerged outfall pipe.

The approval to operate requires that all process water be treated in a treatment system that removes all fish particles larger than three mm in size prior to final discharge. The company took immediate steps to clean up the waste along the shoreline.

Environment Minister Rick Miles encourages all New Brunswickers to be responsible stewards of the environment and to report any infraction of environmental regulations.


MEDIA CONTACT: Jennifer Graham, communications, Department of Environment, 506-453-3700.