Public review process begins for Atlantic Wallboard (10/03/01)

NB 293

March 1, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The 180-day public participation process to renew the air quality operating approval for Atlantic Wallboard Partnership Ltd. of Saint John is underway.

Environment Minister Rick Miles made the announcement today. The current air quality operating approval expires Sept. 30.

"The Public Participation Regulation under the Clean Air Act calls for a public participation process to be conducted prior to the issuance or renewal of approvals to operate for Class 1 sources of emissions," said Miles. "This process provides the public with an important opportunity to learn more about this facility. Good air quality is a priority for our government, and it is an important aspect of protecting people's health, promoting environmental sustainability, and keeping New Brunswick well-positioned to be self-sufficient by 2026."

This process contains a number of information requirements and minimum time frames, including a 120-day public comment period scheduled to run until June 25. All comments should be submitted in writing.

The process covers air-quality-related issues, including questions or comments about air emissions, pollution-control equipment, conditions proposed in the draft approval, monitoring and reporting requirements, and information on enforcement and compliance.

Information on how to get documentation or to submit comments during the public review process is available on the Department of Environment website or at any department office.

Atlantic Wallboard Partnership Ltd. operates a gypsum wallboard manufacturing plant. It produces commercial-grade wallboard products for the construction industry.

The plant uses synthetic gypsum produced by the flue gas desulphurization systems in NB Power generating stations. About 250,000 tonnes of synthetic gypsum are diverted from landfills each year as a result of the operation of this facility.


MEDIA CONTACT: Jennifer Graham, public affairs, Department of Environment, 506-453-3700.