New Brunswick records largest GHG reduction in Canada (10/05/13)

NB 727

May 13, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - New Brunswick recorded the largest reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada in 2008 according to Environment Canada's 2010 National Inventory Report.

"Environment Canada's most recent data show that, from 2007 to 2008, New Brunswick reduced its GHG emissions by 5.8 per cent to 18 megatonnes (Mt) from 19.1 Mt - the equivalent to removing 200,000 cars from New Brunswick roads," said Environment Minister Rick Miles. "I am pleased that our province is a leader in GHG reductions in Canada. This is proof that the New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan (NBCCAP), which our government announced in 2007, is working."

Nationally, GHG emissions in Canada decreased by 2.1 per cent in 2008 from 2007.

"I am confident that emissions will continue to decline in New Brunswick and that we will reach the goals set out in the NBCCAP," said Miles. "I encourage all New Brunswickers to take action on climate change by making changes in their lifestyles to reduce their carbon footprint. Together, we can create a cleaner, greener New Brunswick."

Environment Canada's annual National Inventory Report is prepared under the direction of the Greenhouse Gas Division of Environment Canada in co-operation with a number of federal departments and agencies. More information about the report is available online.

The provincial government launched the five-year NBCCAP in June 2007. As a result of New Brunswick-led initiatives in the plan, and combined with federal initiatives, the NBCCAP will result in a reduction of New Brunswick's GHG emissions to 1990 levels in 2012.



MEDIA CONTACT: Jennifer Graham, public affairs, Department of Environment, 506-453-3700.