Regional climate change adaptation project (10/06/09)

NB 940

June 9, 2010

GRAND FALLS (CNB) - The provincial government is partnering with the Town of Grand Falls to help it adapt to the effects of climate change. Environment Minister Rick Miles made the announcement today.

"The Town of Grand Falls has been experiencing flooding and erosion related to climate change," said Miles. "The provincial government is pleased to partner with the town to find solutions to these issues and help it be in a better position to deal with the effects of a changing climate."

The project will examine erosion sites along the St. John River; model the surface water run-off to determine its contribution to erosion; examine land use; and assess risks to property along the Grand Falls gorge and St. John River. This information will be used to prepare solutions to the effects of climate change in New Brunswick.

The Grand Falls initiative is part of the Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Project. announced in Sackville on April 23, this three-year federal-provincial initiative is aimed at helping the Atlantic provinces adapt to climate change by targeting local issues such as coastal erosion, flooding and groundwater resource management.

"New Brunswick is proud to have led the development of the Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Project in collaboration with our colleagues and partners," said Miles. "Adapting to a changing climate is a critical issue for many communities, and by working together, we will build the tools and necessary resources to support decision-makers in addressing these issues."

The project is the result of an $8.2-million investment by Natural Resources Canada, the Atlantic provinces and other regional partners such as municipalities, industry, academia, and Aboriginal and non-governmental organizations.



MEDIA CONTACT: Jennifer Graham, public affairs, Department of Environment, 506-453-3700.