Fish and seafood conference to be held in Moncton (09/01/22)

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Jan. 22, 2009

MONCTON (CNB) - Members of the fishing and seafood processing industry and the general public are invited to the first conference on seafood products, organized by the Department of Fisheries, to be held at the Delta Beauséjour Hotel in Moncton, Feb. 23 or 24.

"This conference is crucial for the future of our industry," said Fisheries Minister Rick Doucet. "It provides a unique opportunity for fishermen, processors, industry workers, exporters and others to get together to gain insight into the new directions in which we have to move to develop innovative strategies capable of meeting the current challenges of international markets."

A number of speakers will share their analysis of key issues in the fisheries sector. The conference will feature talks and workshops, with presentations by Canadian and foreign specialists. The topics include:

"The expertise of these individuals will help us broaden the scope of the collaborative work we began two years ago at the fisheries summit," said Doucet. "We have to continue our co-operative efforts in order to guarantee the sustainability, viability, and especially the innovation capacity of this key sector, in order to contribute to our goal of New Brunswick achieving self-sufficiency by 2026."

For more information or to register for the conference, call 1-506-453-2252, or visit the Department of Fisheries website.


MEDIA CONTACT: Angélique Binet, Department of Fisheries, 506-457-3549, or e-mail: