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Gas tax funding improves sewage treatment (08/08/26)

NB 1217

Aug. 26, 2008

SCOUDOUC (CNB) - The governments of Canada and New Brunswick participated in a sod-turning ceremony today to mark the beginning of construction of an extended sanitary sewer line and expanded lagoon that will provide Scoudouc residents with improved sewage treatment. Victor Boudreau, minister of finance, and Rob Moore, MP for Fundy Royal, participated in the ceremony.


"It is important for our government to continue working with the federal government and regional partners such as the Greater Shediac Sewerage Commission to provide communities such as Scoudouc with adequate infrastructure," Boudreau said. "By improving community infrastructure, today's event is another step in achieving self-sufficiency as a province by 2026."

Boudreau attended on behalf of Carmel Robichaud, minister of local government.

The Government of Canada is providing $3,547,350 in funding under the Canada-New Brunswick Agreement on the Transfer of Federal Gas Tax Revenues. The Greater Shediac Sewerage Commission is contributing $832,095, for a total of $4,379,445.

"Providing New Brunswickers with a clean and safe environment is a priority for the Government of Canada, and that is why we are proud to work with the Government of New Brunswick towards this goal," said Moore. "With funding through the gas tax, Scoudouc residents will have access to higher quality public infrastructure that will contribute to their well-being and improve the health of the environment."

Moore attended on behalf of Lawrence Cannon, minister of transport, infrastructure and communities.

The new system includes extending the sanitary sewer line along Route 132 to the subdivision near Highway 15, including Harbour View, Crustation and Seaview streets. This extension will allow the connection of about 80 households that are currently on private septic treatment systems. The upgrade will also require adding capacity to the existing treatment lagoon system, with an additional aerated lagoon cell.

New Brunswick communities will receive $116.1 million from the Gas Tax Fund from 2005 to 2010, to which the Government of New Brunswick will add $30 million. Following the 2007 federal budget, a further $178.5 million in gas tax funding will go to New Brunswick communities from 2010 to 2014, for a total of $294.6 million in federal funding over nine years.

The Scoudouc sewer line and lagoon project is part of a five-year capital investment plan developed for unincorporated areas by the Department of Local Government under the Gas Tax Revenue agreement.

In December 2007, the governments of Canada and New Brunswick announced the signing of the Building Canada Framework Agreement. With this agreement, the Government of Canada committed to an investment of more than $541 million towards infrastructure needs in New Brunswick from 2007 to 2014, including the gas tax funding. In addition, in Budget 2008, the Government of Canada announced that the Gas Tax Fund will become permanent from 2014, at $2 billion per year, for provinces and territories. This will facilitate long-term planning by municipalities.


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