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Grand Manan to receive gas-tax payment for green infrastructure (08/09/02)

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Sept. 2, 2008

GRAND MANAN (CNB) - Essential improvements to local infrastructure will be made in the Village of Grand Manan after it received its first payments under the Canada-New Brunswick Agreement of the Transfer of Federal Gas Tax Revenues and the Provincial Gas Tax Transfer Top-up Fund. Fisheries Minister Rick Doucet and Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson made the announcement on Monday, Sept. 1.


The village will receive a first payment of $211,303 from the gas tax fund (GTF), to which the Government of New Brunswick will add $54,620 for a total of $265,923. These funds will be used by the municipality for environmentally sustainable infrastructure projects in the community-energy and wastewater systems.

"Today's announcement will allow the Village of Grand Manan to address community infrastructure needs," said Doucet. "It is important for our government to continue improving and maintaining local infrastructure by collaborating with the federal government and communities for the benefit of all New Brunswickers, including residents of Grand Manan. This will help us to attain self-sufficiency as a province by 2026."

Doucet spoke on behalf of Carmel Robichaud, minister of local government.

"The funding announced today for the Village of Grand Manan is a concrete example our government's commitment to support a stronger economy, a cleaner environment and more prosperous communities in New Brunswick," said Thompson. "The GTF is helping to make a real and lasting difference for our communities in New Brunswick and across Canada."

Thompson spoke on behalf of Lawrence Cannon, minister of transport, infrastructure and communities.

"The municipality of Grand Manan is very pleased to receive its first payment under the GTF," said Dennis Greene, mayor of Grand Manan. "This funding will allow us to improve our wastewater facility, and proceed with the installation of a high energy efficient heating and cooling system at the multipurpose complex."

New Brunswick municipalities will receive $116.1 million from the GTF from 2005 to 2010, to which the Government of New Brunswick will add $30 million. A further $178.5 million in federal GTF investments will be provided to the Province of New Brunswick from 2010 to 2014, for a total of $294.6 million in federal funding for infrastructure projects over nine years.

To receive its first payment under the GTF, the Village of Grand Manan submitted a five-year capital investment plan for review by the province, and it then signed an agreement with the New Brunswick Department of Local Government to implement the plan.

Investment collaboration with provinces and municipalities is a key feature of the federal approach to infrastructure.

The GTF is a key component of the government's $33-billion Building Canada Plan. In Budget 2008, the Government of Canada announced that the GTF would become permanent from 2014, at $2 billion annually for provinces and territories. This will facilitate long-term infrastructure planning by municipalities.

In December 2007, the governments of Canada and New Brunswick announced the signing of the Building Canada Framework Agreement. With this agreement, the Government of Canada committed to invest more than $541 million towards infrastructure needs in New Brunswick from 2007 to 2014. This includes the 2010 to 2014 gas tax funding.


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