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Northeast New Brunswick communities receive infrastructure investments (09/10/23)

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Oct. 23, 2009



SAINT-SIMON (CNB) - The federal and provincial governments are investing about $9.4 million in infrastructure projects in the local service district (LSD) of Saint-Simon and several other northeast New Brunswick communities.

Local Government Minister Bernard LeBlanc and Senator Percy Mocker announced the investments today in Saint-Simon.

"The New Brunswick government strongly believes in the importance of renewing and improving community infrastructure throughout New Brunswick as we progress on the road to self-sufficiency," said LeBlanc. "Today's infrastructure investments are important to ensuring that communities continue to be places where people can live in a healthy, clean and safe environment."

The Government of Canada is providing up to $9.3 million from its Gas Tax Fund for eligible projects in the region, with the provincial government providing about $127,612. Remaining project costs will be covered by municipal, private and other contributions. Funding will support projects in Saint Simon, Lamèque, Paquetville, Saint-Léolin, and Pont Landry, as well as a planning study for the construction of a 320-kilometre bike path through the Acadian Peninsula.

"Our government is committed to stimulating our economy through projects that will bring both immediate and long-term benefits for Canadians," said Mockler. "We are proud to partner with the Province of New Brunswick to help municipalities meet their infrastructure needs. Investments in infrastructure initiatives such as water distribution, road work and upgrades to municipal buildings and services will create jobs and boost our economy."

Eligible categories of investment under the Gas Tax Fund include public transit, water and wastewater infrastructure, community energy systems, management of solid waste, local roads and bridges, and capacity-building.

By 2014, New Brunswick will have received a total of $294.6 million from the Gas Tax Fund for infrastructure projects. Through this fund, communities can invest in infrastructure projects that address local priorities and help produce shared national outcomes.

The Government of Canada has extended the Gas Tax Fund beyond 2014 at $2 billion per year. This fund complements the $12 billion in additional infrastructure funding in Canada's Economic Action Plan, which is accelerating and expanding existing federal investments in infrastructure stimulus funding during the next two years.

Canada and New Brunswick are working together to create jobs and boost the economy, while making significant investments that help communities improve their infrastructure. Both governments have agreed to work together to ensure that these funds are delivered quickly and efficiently so that construction can begin as soon as possible.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Background information on the Gas Tax Fund in New Brunswick follows. MEDIA CONTACTS: Mark Barbour, communications officer, Department of Local Government, 506-444-4693; Chris Day, press secretary, Office of Canada's Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Minister, 613-991-0700; Infrastructure Canada, 613-948-1148

The Gas Tax Fund in New Brunswick

The Gas Tax Fund provides predictable, stable, long-term funding, increasing the capacity of communities to undertake the long-term financial commitments needed to address local priorities.

By 2014, New Brunswick will have received more than $294.6 million in federal support for infrastructure.

Today's announcement is for projects in several communities in northeast New Brunswick, with a total joint federal and provincial contribution of about $9.4 million. The Government of Canada is providing nearly $9.3 million for these projects, and the provincial government is providing $127,612. Remaining project costs will be covered by municipal, private and other contributions.

The federal government provided $5 million in funding support for the Route 155/Chemin Saint-Simon water distribution project in the LSD of Saint-Simon. In addition, the Town of Caraquet will contribute an existing water reservoir as a $1.5-million in-kind contribution.

Funding for other projects is as follows: