$825,000 to be invested in medical equipment at Edmundston Regional Hospital (08/08/22)

NB 1198

Aug. 22, 2008

EDMUNDSTON (CNB) - The Edmundston Regional Hospital will receive $825,000 this fiscal year to complete the purchase of a new digital fluoroscopy/angio diagnostic imaging machine, Health Minister Michael Murphy announced today.

The multipurpose unit will be used for angiographic and fluoroscopic exams.

"Coupled with the previous acquisition of a 64-slice CT-angio scanner, this unit will replace two pieces of equipment that have been in use for more than 18 years," said Murphy. "This modernization will allow for improved image quality, and increased diagnostic viewing and diagnosis in a filmless environment."

A down payment of 25 per cent of the total purchase price was provided by the province last year.

Regional Health Authority 4 will also receive an additional $510,250 this year to purchase various equipment valued at between $5,000 and $100,000 each.

"Thanks to these investments, our region will continue to benefit from renewed technical support," said Dr. Édouard Hendriks, CEO of Regional Health Authority 4. "The funds invested by the provincial government ensure quality from both the diagnostic and treatment standpoints, and that is the priority for our region's clientele."

The funding is from the Department of Health's $13.22-million budget in fiscal 2008-09 for new medical equipment and technology.


MEDIA CONTACT: Meghan Cumby, communications, Department of Health, 506 457-3522.