Province donates to digital mammography campaign in Miramichi (08/11/07)

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Nov. 7, 2008

MIRAMICHI (CNB) - A donation of $170,000 will be made by the Department of Health to the Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation's fundraising campaign to purchase a digital mammography unit, Health Minister Michael Murphy announced today.

"As a government, we appreciate the invaluable role that the Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation and all the other hospital foundations play in providing quality health care to New Brunswickers," said Murphy. "We see hospital foundations as key partners, and we want to work with them to provide quality, sustainable health care within a self-sufficient New Brunswick."

Murphy has said that he is open to new and inventive ways of working together with foundations, and he pointed to improved access to digital mammography equipment as an area of particular interest.

"Working together will allow us to bring better technology into our public health system faster than if government has to pay the bill alone," Murphy said. "Digital equipment will allow more women to be screened more accurately than is presently the case using analog technology. And earlier detection and prompt treatment are the keys to successfully treating and beating breast cancer."

Mammogram screening every two years is strongly recommended for women between 50 - 69 years old for early detection of breast cancer.

The Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation has established a goal of $600,000 to purchase a digital unit.

"This financial contribution for the digital mammography campaign continues to develop a relationship that will flourish between the Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation, our community and the Department of Health," said Steve Myles, foundation chair. "A local digital mammography service will provide patients of our region with the benefits of faster diagnosis, and offer the best chances of treating breast cancer successfully.  We are most grateful to the Department of Health for recognizing and acting on the needs of our region."

Murphy said that the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation in Bathurst and the St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation in Saint John will each receive $170,000 in support of campaigns currently under way to purchase digital mammography equipment for their hospitals.


MEDIA CONTACT: Johanne Le Blanc, communications, Health, 506-457-3513.